Dara and Kush wearing Chrome Hearts Cap


We all know that Sandara park from the all girl group called 2ne1 and all other artists under the Yg entertainment agency that includes this guy named Kush are all used to wear some dope caps. Because Caps and hats are the most trend accessories on the country, Korea, at this moment. That’s why everyone’s are getting craze to have these dopeness caps nowadays.

Today, Netizers noticed sandara and kush had been worn an same swag cap from the brand Chrome Hearts that you may see on the top photo. I dunno, if the brand Chrome Hearts is one of their major sponsor because all of them ( Artists from the agency) are often got some pieces from the brand. Lemme verify it first then I will update you again here, soon I’d got to found out. So yeah – The cap looks simply fine but sick in swag on my opinion, but I am pretty sure that not all of us can avail it, because Chrome Hearts pieces are heavenly expensive most of the time..LOL Pricing details? sorry I have no idea at this time about how much this cap will cost, just ask Google for it or better yet, get back again on this blog for my update regarding the further info on this cap. Because till now I am still gathering information about this dope cap.

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