Big Bang and Nikon

This poster photo was shared by a friend on Facebook, though I knew it already that the boy K pop group Big bang and all YG Entertainment family where this guys under, I mean the agency was all endorser by the Nikon.

I love cameras and as I blogged and published one post recently that Ive been bought my DSLR camera which the canon 500D one thing that I was looking forward too, is to have my own photography and fashion site. Sounds interesting right? but I am still thinking if I will buy one Nikon camera to use to, instead of my canon 500d, becuase a lot of people are saying that the Nikon has a great quality of shot than the canon but on the other hand canon has also another ability that the Nikon haven’t. I am still thinking though if I will push my self out to buy my Nikon camera since my idols was the endorsers of it.LOL Let me think. Alright, that’s it for now and let me update this again once I have my decision then. Thanks

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