Ivan Dorschner of Pinoy big brother Teen Clash Edition

I know a lot of  Filipina Girls out there are searching  some of the information  about this half pinoy teenager named Ivan Dorschner because maybe they just want to sympathize on him but in majority i think. they just want him to win because they find him cute? yeah no doubt he was the one of those teens housemate you had a assurance to be the next Gerald anderson on our local showbizness

Though he Lived in U.S.A , he still have an heart like a Filipino because he always visited Philippines every now and then and if he had a time , he see to it that he watches  some of the Abs-cbn Taping as a live viewer like what you see on the video below

Wowowee Taping

Showtime Taping

Yeah he had  made some appearances on Philippines television  that’s why other are find it  unfair, because they knew someone got him back to get enter easily on the  reality TV show but be realistic guys we all know that all of these teens who got entered on the said tv show are already have their some experiences and appearance on tv and definitely they have their own manager at their back too,,,

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