dont waste your time

yes i learned not to waste my time this recently because i need to take this blogging activities seriously if i want to earn a lot and make my life easier after because as a blogger i do believe that you must have this full focus on what you’ve been doing or else you might get failed on it and the time that you been spent out was totally wasted, so if i were you are you get in to the blogging world do your full effort to be great on this and sooner you can harvest what you’ve been made off..i hope i can inspired a little bit to those newbies who is reading my post right now.nope im just hoping then, dont take this seriously

Boost Your Alexa Rankings

Yeah, if  Google page rank is really important for us bloggers, i would say that Alexa rankings might important as well because Google can only count those inlinks /backlinks that you been made around 3 months after the last updates while on Alexa their can be counts those live traffics that we can get whether its on search engine on a direct traffic that you driven alone on your site and Alexa can also know or detect were are your traffics came from by checking out your stat on Alexa site it self because Alexa is also important for those advertisers(i believe)  because they may know if your blog(s) is well searched enough to help them to increase their sales and such..

So are you asking now on how to boost your Alexa rankings? well there’s was an easy way to boost your Alexa  like purchasing a ptc credits in any reliable PTC site but please bear in mind that purchasing traffics can be effected on your Google adsense because in this way you can violate Google FAQ so make sure that you don’t have any script ads runnin  on your blog before you purchase traffic and same kind and the other one that Ive been uses is  Alexa toolbar it self because Alexa can easier to detect traffic if the persona who visited your site has this toolbar, by the way in regards on PTC Credits in can drop down your Alexa ranking on 200k in every 1000 credits based on my personal that’s it for now, ill update this soon and i hope it may help you to understand how Alexa and Google works..wink2 😉

too hot here!

oh lord shower me some cold water up above because it was too hot here and i know we are the most famous tropical country whole world but still we need some cold weather then, please at least some drop of rain water so that the hotness will be ease at lease quite so you, do you feel the same thing on your place? if so, what you often do? though i had air condition but still yet it doesn’t works properly due with the extremely hot i hope ber month will come yeah thats it for now i need some shower and power to get rid at least a bit to this hotness feelings..thanks

My Video Advertisement

i know is quite late to posted it here because you’ve been seen this on my previous post which the super one but please let me post it alone right here..LOl anyways yeah this was my first video advertisement that ive been made on that keep this work easier because i don’t have to gather stuff like pictures and setting up all transition of the video just to look good like on the outcome of this vid of mine because animo it self has it automatic ek ek thing like that..LOL so i must say if you want to have your own video advertisement like the crazy vid on top go on the given site and make one and by the way it can also be easily to move it to youtube because the site has this feature or script who can help you to do that so in one click..

give me some energy

i was tired typing and reading this time and in some how i thought that ill leave this job which is blogging because the stress is keep on coming in specailly if you got any glicth on your blog, my goodness gracious thats pretty sick because you need to find out that is that glicth all about and came from liked what im trying to resolve on my other blog, oh hosting another blog can make me stress more often, so what? do i made the wrong decisions? having a bunch of blogs? i hope not and also i am looking forward to google to be undated so that i can maximize my earnings and make my life easier

My cousin new blog

My cousin was insistently ask me for a new domain to him because i was telling him that we can earn some decent money out of blogging and yeah he gets interested and take note he dont wanna start in any free blogging platform then because he want a new .com domain using a wordpress as his CMS, wow sounds great but hows the money then? where you can get a 10 dollar to buy your own domain? opps are you pointing on me? lol ok i bought him a new domain and i set up the domain already and i hope he may continue blogging till the end because blogging isn’t that much easier as you guys newbies thinking, im telling you!1

I Failed!

Rules General Redemption

Yeah, i failed and please disregard my recently post about on how to redeem quite quickly on this upcoming general redemption using the software roboform because before lockerz posted it on their wall that they will allowing it but right now as lockerz getting into their fully launch they have to change some rules to get fair on the other members i believed! , and please don’t use roboform or such any even attempt so, because lockerz was so strictly about there rules so that we might get ban on their awesome site and sorry if i posted some misleading info in away because i wasn’t know that lockerz will be changing rules by this time, they did anyway,with that please accept my sorry..LOL

Now all we have to do is wait until lockerz posted another rules or update in regards on the upcoming redemption..Lockerz really rocks and i hope all of you will redeem nor at least be first..LOL

Life is indeed unfair

i think its true that life is quite unfair because im trying my best just to provide such quality post but still yet other companies out there wouldn’t consider me rather my blog to their network, what happened? im too frustrated as well here, though im good in seo i must say but they still looking for more? i cant really get their point and i really felt empty now and small by those companies keep on telling me that they dont want my what? i am not against to their company at all but still they doing this to such a poor guy anyways i cant push my self to them then and its ok though and i hope in the near future as i continue doing this ill definitely take believing on that, aren’t you? lol

First to redeem( Software

General redemption is coming, i know a lot of new members are asking out how other people can redeem so fast in the sense that all products was fresh out just a second,maybe they’re using software or what? yeah there was definitely a software behind those fast redemption that old members  made because as i know way back time, lockerz itself shouted out on their wall  before, that this software is eligible to use in any redemption made by lockerz and the software that im talking about is Roboform, search it and download it for free, what is roboform this software can help you to filling up form in just one click as you made one identities as you downloaded the software , you might know what im talking about when you already have the software..:) i hope i can help you

To lockerz: please let me know if i violate any rules on your site but my intention is clean, i just wanna help those people who are new on your site..hope its that ok to your side..thanks a lot..:)

Importing your back up files on new WordPress blog

As i posted my recent blog about on how to have your back up files by exporting it on your dashboard it self, now is fitted for me to continue this post  on how to import your exported files  on your new wordpress blog, yeah if the exporting files is quite effortless to do, i think its  just the same as you import files on a new wordpress blog because all you have to do is click the import button under your tool navigation through your dashboard and there is it(watch the youtube video to find out how to do this..LOL), just upload your files in necessarily description of your back up files, but bear in mind that you have to selected the authors that you been made  while you importing your back up files, if there was so,  or else you’ll be loosing some of your post under those authors…

because as i transfer this blog into my new server like what ive been announced before, a days ago, yeah i messed quite a bit because i forgot that i had been made 2 authors here,though im just only one who maintain this blog but i wasn’t know it at all,LOL i think i made it when a day i have  5051 syndrome..haha anyways  as i uploaded the whole back up files, i found out that some of my post are missing so i turn it back by deleting all files that Ive been uploaded then i repeated the first step and finally when i was importing files for second time around, i saw this authors selection box that i was missed on the first one..LOL and by then ive been transferred this successfully ..