Bloody Hostage Drama In Philippines 2010

I feel sorry to those Hong Kong Chinese national  who died on the hostage drama happened  here at Quirino Grandstand Philippines this last Monday as long to their family and friends, i know its really hard to accept that their love ones who are expecting a great vacation  has been killed on that indeed tragedy that we really want to happen..

and on the officials side i think they really made a wrong move when the time that they were trying to rescue those victims who was traumatizing at that time, but  maybe through God’s will that was happened …

loosing my hope then

yes i think im loosen my hope already to get approve on the site network named payu2blog because they been to busy i think to get response on my application and base to their home page that once that aren’t replied meaning your blog is not qualify on their qualification, dang hows that? to the sense that they dont put any requirements over the site..oh lord this quite freakish, though they are like that but still i want to be included to their program because i heard a lot of awesome review to them who keeps me wanting to get ok i make an update regarding this..thanks

Camp Rock 2 The final Jam

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam ( Jonas Brothers )

Camp Rock is the most fun musical movie way back time in 2008 if i am not mistaken about the year, and now jonas brothers and demi Lovato who are the main cast on the said musical movie is now has their second sequel entitled Camp Rock 2 the final Jam who will be premier on September 3 on united state .. and i know a lot of die fan out there are quite exited on this upcoming movie because we’ll heard a new song again that we will surely love like the Gotta Find You which the first sequel theme song

Now i know this song is the theme song(Its On) of this second sequel but i am not sure about it, please correct me so if its not..LOL

Let see behind the scene footage on this Camp rock 2 the Final Jam

i had a bad cough and cold

as i woke up this morning my throat got a sore on it and suddenly a cough and cold are coming in into my way..oh my goodness how i can work properly then? could you please throw me some of the best medicine in the world? lol ok after i wrote this post and publish it already ill definitely take my rest then and soon ill be alright, hopefully, so yeah sorry for the shortness of this post and ill promise by next week i will provide some good quality of content but for now tell me take my rest..thanks

Happy BirthDay to G-dragon of Big bang

Big Bang Leader G-dragon is  celebrating his Birthday by tomorrow August 18 ,10 ,(why i know) ive been seen a lot of tweets,wall post,blog post and even just on youtube that a lot of people are sending greetings to g-dragon the way they can to his upcoming birth day which is  tomorrow that’s why i want to do my personal greetings to him by just doing this post, and yeah Happy Happy Birth day to you my Brother and i hope you can reach  more  than you dreaming of on your life and always include your group big bang on your success, and thats it, how about you guys? do you have a birthday greetings to him? if so just leave your greetings below as a comment(s), who knows he might read this blog though..LOL

by the way i just saw Flo Rida tweets that even he greeted g-dragon as well, my goodness this may the sign that soon big bang will be going on Hollywood?

Flo-rida Greeted G-dragon

I Missed Yg Entertainment Audition(Be Part Of YG Family)

I know some of those talented people out there are really looking forward to be part of this prestigious Music label in Korea who handled some of those most demand K-Pop groups nowadays in Korea which the Big Bang, 2NE1,Se7en and many more, i know this post is quite late though but please let me repose it out here for the future references and stuff that can may help you soon, yeah last may 2010 YG Entertainment opened a Online and walk-in Auditions Who can join any talented people world wide,Yes if you are an American or even a Filipino or other you can still part of YG Entertainment and Experience the Glamour Life When you get in on the label  that is good on YG because they do consider other nation other than being a Korean,

How to Or what you’ll be needing for the Audtion?

_At least 2min Long Demo tape wherein they’ll see you singing and at the same time dancing

_Age must be 11 to 19 because they do train those chosen people at least 5 years

_Full Body picture shot “No Photoshop Edits”

and send them all to this link

or you can send it by snail mail through out this address

YG audition
Sangsu-dong 349-10 Hoseong Building 4F
Mapo-Gu, Seoul
South Korea, ZIP 121-829

Sample Audition video Of Seungri who is now  Part of Big Bang

Pakistan Floods

Last  couple days ago if you are more in news im pretty sure that you’ve been heard this news nor watched on what happened on Pakistan, yeah Pakistan right now is on tragedy alert wherein some of their houses,farms such thing had been destroyed by the rains most specific FLOODS and you might see how much people get affected on the said Scenario on the photos below..

I hope people of Pakistan  will be fine soon as they accepted what happened to them and continue their life’s as they before though its hard to start a new life again with that tragedy but i know with GOD’S will they can..:) like what happened to us Filipino when we got experienced the same thing on Ondoy..