Indian inspired jewelry



While I was searching for those new pieces this year,2012, these Indian inspired jewelries had been lead on the search result. I dunno if these pieces were the one that will be trend or already trend on the jewelry industry today but I must say, these pieces are indeed great and too dope to have.

And other good things of these pieces is, they’re all handmade and they wont uses some expensive stones but instead they made off some cheap materials, like sea shells, silver and some copper.. And still, the quality I must say, is perfect and can be on the international market. At this time, I dunno how much they are, but you could search online for these and I am pretty sure you may find some online stores who’re selling these kind of jewelry..

Okay, that’s it for now and I will update you more on what are the trendy jewelry this coming per season.. thank ya’ll and have a great day ahead…

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