Stussy x W-Line “How I Roll” Racer BMX Bike



Most of the dudes will be surely love to know about this great piece from the two giant brand today when it comes to street funk fashion which the Stussy & W-Line. Actually, this item wouldn’t be possible if these 2 companies aren’t be collaborated and bring this awesome piece,“How I Roll” Racer BMX Bike, today, Of course! That’s why I am so happy to know that these companies had this great business relationship and bring this dope bike on today’s fashion and street market.

The Bike had this product name of ” “How I Roll” Racer BMX Bike” and you may buy this on the stussy site for about $1200 ( if I dont mistaken) check the site for the further details about this great bike here. I hope I can have this too soon..:)

Alright, that’s it for now and will try to blog up some more street fashion related topics. Thanks!

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