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Not all of us have exciting lives. I bet a lot of us lead ordinary, boring lives and have jobs that our parents and other influential people around us have expected us to pursue. Let’s face it, that’s the norm in many Asian countries – for children to take up a course in college that their parents asked them to take. In stricter cultures, the child doesn’t have any say and must obey at all cost. Eventually, the person ends up having a life that isn’t really to his liking. Ending up in a cage that he somehow wants to be released from. But the thing is, he can always break free or “uncage” himself from the usual and pursue his real passion.

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It’s like am a bird who wants to escape from his #caged so that I can freely do whatever I wanted.

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Doing unusual things can really make me feel #uncage from the usual me

I, in some ways, also live my life in a cage. Although I love being a blogger and spending almost all day infront of a computer, there are times when I get tired and the thought of pursuing another career or taking a different path, comes to mind. I sometimes wonder if an exciting career is better suited for me and would make me happier. But since I make it a point to unwind when I feel like the walls are closing in on me, I seldom feel like I’m in a cage. I just do some physical activities I enjoy a lot such as hiking and mountain climbing and I instantly feel relaxed and “uncaged”.

Tiger Beer, the world famous Singaporean beer brand enjoyed in more than 75 countries across Europe, US, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East, has an exciting new campaign called #Uncage. It celebrates people who go against the usual and live their lives the way they want to. Just like the guy you see in the video who became a stuntman and gave up his 9-5 office job. He said that everyone has a cage, some just choose not to live in them.

To know more about this new campaign, visit the Tiger Beer Facebook page. While you’re at it, they have an ongoing contest that you can join in at the Tiger Uncage Site.

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