Club 75 x HUF 2014 Summer Collection

 photo club-75-huf-2014-summer-collection-1_zps5bb30546.jpg

I am pretty sure that those dope guys out there are quite excited already for this summer collection called Club 75 x HUF 2014 Summer Collection. Actually, it is an collaboration collection wherein  two brands are teamed up just produce an exemption pieces which might be the most consider and trend pieces for today’s fashion, specifically for men’s fashion.

Club 75 x HUF 2014 Summer Collection concepts are more on street wears and emo type prints. These type of designs are the ones most used to the brands like Stussy and Boy London that is why guys are fond of wearing them, maybe because of the quirkiness of the prints, plus, the comfortably of each pieces are most considers.

As of now, I havent got any further details yet regarding this collaborative pieces. However, soon enough neither of the brands will surely update as all regarding of the collection’s pieces availability and sorts of details. So – we better wait and see on how these 2 brands works their asses just to have these dope inspired collection, I must say….

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