Brand Awareness

Today is the last day of the month of June, and one thing that got in mind which is promoting my other blogs through this post as long my cousin’s blogs as well that other professional may call it brand awareness if I don’t mistaken the term though. Anyways, This recently my sister lhou bought another domain that has already PR4 ( but as Google updated this very recent, the domain has dropped into N/A that we cant expected to happened but that’s life though, we cant expect the things happened,right? So yeah! the domain has a poor pr today.LOL

As Ive said I will then promote my other blogs on this entry that you can see on below. – This was my personal fashion blog which Ive tackled all things that has related on the fashion industries that I found it interesting to read and then share to my readers. – This domain was given to me by my sister Jane that now its mine and I have one co-owner to this blog named Ann Suing but she’s my cousin. – My personal thoughts and rants are belongs to this blog, so you may read more of me to this blog.

Okay, that all what I’ve got, I hope you may visit these blogs as you’re got spare time then. Thanks

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