Family picture!

Im envies to those people rather families who had their own family picture with them because us(family) we haven’t any pictures that we are all taken as a family, to the sense that where just 4 in the group but still yet we dont have any,LOL though we’re pretty bonded to each other but  we’re not often and use to take a picture as a family and i really dont know what is the reason why, yeah we had a camera but we’ll  just using it to capture other people happiness moments like relatives and friends and i think we’re just like that and i hope soon we can have our own family picture then and me personally ill definitely work on that as i wanted to have our own family picture that is hang up on the guest hall way on our house,LOL i think i made this as i big deal on me and i know as my family read this they just laugh at me and maybe tell me that i was a pretty nuts..hahaha ok enough, and thanks a lot by always dropping by to read this kinda  post of mine.

One thought on “Family picture!

  1. hi ronel! nice post!lol.. wag kang mgalala hindi ka ngiisa… ang importante lnh is intact kau kahit walng pic.

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