Im Back!

if felt quite quilt when i don’t often to update this blog because this was my first domain that i purchased so this domain is really meant a lot to me though this blog hasn’t much monetizing because i,m still waiting for Google  to be update pr that will  takes almost 5 months now since Google last updates..huh! anyways what take me busy? ok i just want you to all know that i am running another set of domain they were 5 new ones and those really makes me stress nowadays thats why i don’t write on this blog this passed few weeks ago but i think those blog are in good condition now they have an posts already and there statics are quite good so i have to update now my other 10 blogs including this..LOL and i hope i can manage these out though im having some cough and cold right now because i wasn’t sleep fully at night..huhuh and i think after these kind hard work ill treat my self a gift that i want too..hmmm

ok thats it for now because i have to rest now or else i might rush on the hospital because of these freakkin fever with cough and cold..huhu and i hope tomorrow as i wake ill be better because there was a lot of tasks that waiting for me though..:( ok bye for now and have a great day ahead..:))

One thought on “Im Back!

  1. thanks for visiting my blog a looong time ago. I wasnt able to update it for a long time ( more than a yr actually). Probably you have forgotten it already, it used to be honeyreyesdotcom. Can I add you in my blog roll? God bless

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