Let me tell you!

been upgraded my hosting yesterday thats why you’ve seen some problem on this blog last day but its ok though because now this blog has a great server who can gives the speed that you all wanted and yeah its indeed hurts on my pocket then because the new hosting is quite expensive than the old ones and i hope this server keep the convenience that i was feeling right now, so yeah thats it for now and sorry for the shortness of this entry but no worries after this posted ill be posting another one which can tackle about my paypal and eon card..thanks a lot

Thanks to Justin Bieber Pedophile..LOL

I know we webmaster(s) are really looking forward to be crawler on the Google search engine then get index after all because in this sense we can get a great page rank when Google update our blog as i know( please do correct me so if i wrote something wrong if you are a SEO or such thing) I admit i have to learn more in regards on optimizing on my blogs but through my own experiences by running a more than a 15 blogs alone i found out that the relevant blog content is one of the factors to get your blog crawler on the web …and yeah as i posted my Justin Bieber’s Pedophile news a minute ago Google crawled it and of course im got quite huge traffic then..

Yeah Im so fortunate to be on top on the keyword Justin Bieber Pedophile nowadays though i just wrote my entry these last 2 days ago but still by blog will lead on the topic..LOL i think my seo strategy is working again like what i did on my jejemon post who will lead among all the rest on the search engine..

I hope this will continue among my rest of my post and to my soon to be post , so that i can get the attention of those awesome advertisers who roaming around the web..LOL by the way thanks again on reading this post once again..:)

Im Back!

if felt quite quilt when i don’t often to update this blog because this was my first domain that i purchased so this domain is really meant a lot to me though this blog hasn’t much monetizing because i,m still waiting for Google  to be update pr that will  takes almost 5 months now since Google last updates..huh! anyways what take me busy? ok i just want you to all know that i am running another set of domain they were 5 new ones and those really makes me stress nowadays thats why i don’t write on this blog this passed few weeks ago but i think those blog are in good condition now they have an posts already and there statics are quite good so i have to update now my other 10 blogs including this..LOL and i hope i can manage these out though im having some cough and cold right now because i wasn’t sleep fully at night..huhuh and i think after these kind hard work ill treat my self a gift that i want too..hmmm

ok thats it for now because i have to rest now or else i might rush on the hospital because of these freakkin fever with cough and cold..huhu and i hope tomorrow as i wake ill be better because there was a lot of tasks that waiting for me though..:( ok bye for now and have a great day ahead..:))