Eon Card Online Application

Good news folks. UnionBank Philippines has announced recently that they’ll reopen their online application for the eon cards. Actually as this moment of time the said online application is now visible to all and still processing the new applicants for the card though, that’s why if you were a blogger, running a business online, seller or a buyer I must suggest you to apply now for this card because this card was a big help for us though to verify our PayPal account that we can use as we transact stuff online especially on funds/payments issues. Heads up on the Unionbank main website for further information and you may find out as well on how does the card works on PayPal through their website.

Unionbank Website: http://www.unionbankph.com

where’s my referral rewards

as you remembered my last post regarding on the network that i was telling you who can give you a stable earnings each month, yeah the program has a referral program as well where they will pay you 10 pound in every people you will referred to them and luckily ive been referred 2 of my friend and its been 2 months now when they been putted their banners to their site but still now i dont get their promises 10 pounds each referral, whats happening inside the company?lol though i emailed them for a 100 times time but still they dont response in any of my emails, i think they fools on their referral program? what do you think? wait i was referring is theadnetwork.co.uk just want you to know..lol

discontinue my payoneer account

yeah i chosen to have my eon instead of using the card payoneer that got for free under the text link ads company because i read to their terms that we’ll be needing to maintain the card per month and that will coast you 3 dollars and if you check your balance through any atm outlet they will automatically deduct you 1 dollars and a lot more expenses, honestly im too convenience at first to the online master card because it is free but when i read these information i just freak out and think, so yeah i dont want the card anymore and i applied on my eon card already for the most reasonable and convenience..really sorry on the payoneer side dont meant to waste your time assisting me but i just go with the services who can give me the best ever but in the cheap one

Got my Free Payoneer..Finally

Yeah, after 2 weeks since i applied on my free payoneer via infolinks, this morning Ive been received the card that i don’t expected with, because based on payoneer customer representative ill be expecting the card to be arrive on my place with in  20-25 days since i got approved to them, and im quite happy because i can order to link out the card on my PayPal account so that i don’t have any limits buying stuff online specially on godaddy..LOL

Sorry for the poor shots..lol because my digicam has no battery charge and i don’t have any choice to took this on my phone, anyways the card looks awesome though and the good thing was it has a 3 years life expand i mean the card was valid until 3 years not like on the other card who has only one year and by then you have to renew it if you want to pursue the card still..

As i read the letter that attached on thecard , payoneer require s me to verify the card first..so i have to follow the instruction that they instructed to me, and yeah its so easy to activate the card because all you have to do is to log in on the site(payoneer.com)then activate the card by putting your card number and card password that you want( password when you withdraw) and there is it.. you’ll good to go..:)

Can We Verify Paypal Using Payoneer?

I read a lot of blog post that we can evenly verify our PayPal using this free payoneer debit card because the card has a master card logo on it, but my problem was i don’t get the card yet because my payoneer card was shipped last week so ill be expecting it to arrive this 2 more weeks forward based to payoneer customer care representative, though my PayPal was already verified using my bank account but i do want to link out a card over my PayPal because i had a limited transactions on the other shopping site because they do need some card to be linked out on my paypal before they proceed to my order(s), specially on godaddy a domain registrar and as a blogger i use to buy some domain names more often because this was my job anyway but godaddy cant accept my payment through paypal because i don’t have any card over there..lol thats why i don’t have any choice to buy domains on the registrar who can allow me so but their are quite expensive though..haah

I hope as i receive my payoneer card soon, by that time i can verify my paypal though, so that i can maximize my work and buy what i want..hopefully..haha

How To Get A Free Payoneer Card?

I know a lot of you right now who reading this post are wanting to have this awesome card called payoneer because i think you thought that payoneer is one of the best and safe way to buy things online and any transactions you’ll be making on the future, and i yeah so far payoneer card is the safe way to buy things online beside using paypal because card is design to transact things out online without linking out your bank and such any, all you have to do is to work to those partners companies who can send you payment through the card, i think online marketer or bloggers are the one who must have this card than anybody out there..

So how do you get a free payoneer card? well as Ive said all you have to do is to find any partners companies who do think can you work out with like, infolinks, friendfinders, textlinkads, reviewme and etc , i suggested if you don’t have any blogs and website friendfinder.com is the best affiliates who can produce you this card just head over the site and sign up for there affiliates program and by then you can get your payoneer card..

and the good things of this card , the card has a master card logo wherein you can use it whenever you are in the globe as long the ATM machines accepted any master card on it..by the way as you request a card to those partners companies you’ll have to wait at least 10 days for USA and approximately 15-30 days outside USA in order the card will be arrive to your given address on your application process..

So thats it, and i hope you’ll understand and get some idea’s on how to avail the card for free..thanks ^_^

Note:ill blog on how to verify your PayPal using this payoneer card on my next post