Can We Verify Paypal Using Payoneer?

I read a lot of blog post that we can evenly verify our PayPal using this free payoneer debit card because the card has a master card logo on it, but my problem was i don’t get the card yet because my payoneer card was shipped last week so ill be expecting it to arrive this 2 more weeks forward based to payoneer customer care representative, though my PayPal was already verified using my bank account but i do want to link out a card over my PayPal because i had a limited transactions on the other shopping site because they do need some card to be linked out on my paypal before they proceed to my order(s), specially on godaddy a domain registrar and as a blogger i use to buy some domain names more often because this was my job anyway but godaddy cant accept my payment through paypal because i don’t have any card over thats why i don’t have any choice to buy domains on the registrar who can allow me so but their are quite expensive though..haah

I hope as i receive my payoneer card soon, by that time i can verify my paypal though, so that i can maximize my work and buy what i want..hopefully..haha

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