Got my Free Payoneer..Finally

Yeah, after 2 weeks since i applied on my free payoneer via infolinks, this morning Ive been received the card that i don’t expected with, because based on payoneer customer representative ill be expecting the card to be arrive on my place with in  20-25 days since i got approved to them, and im quite happy because i can order to link out the card on my PayPal account so that i don’t have any limits buying stuff online specially on godaddy..LOL

Sorry for the poor because my digicam has no battery charge and i don’t have any choice to took this on my phone, anyways the card looks awesome though and the good thing was it has a 3 years life expand i mean the card was valid until 3 years not like on the other card who has only one year and by then you have to renew it if you want to pursue the card still..

As i read the letter that attached on thecard , payoneer require s me to verify the card i have to follow the instruction that they instructed to me, and yeah its so easy to activate the card because all you have to do is to log in on the site( activate the card by putting your card number and card password that you want( password when you withdraw) and there is it.. you’ll good to go..:)

2 thoughts on “Got my Free Payoneer..Finally

  1. Well that’s not really ‘activated’ yet. First, you need to receive funds, preferably from the partner website (where you applied for the card). You need to shell out $2 – 5 ‘load fee’. Then you need to pay $9.95 activation fee and $3 for monthly maintenance.

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