I Love Swish

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I’m happy to have received a paper bag full of Swish mouthwash bottles the other day for product review. I’m an avid user of Swish, which is a quality product of Unilab, and the package arrived just in time since I’m almost out of mouthwash. Using mouthwash should be a habit along with brushing and flossing and it shouldn’t be done only during special occasions like Valentine’s Day. People should always bring a bottle of Swish wherever they go and the 35 ml. bottle is perfect for that, for a long-lasting minty fresh breath that lasts all day.

I actually used another brand before I discovered Swish. But the moment I tried it, I’ve never used the other brand again. Aside from the fact that it’s more affordable, using Swish has so many other benefits. It’s ready to use, no need to add water. You can gargle for up to 30 seconds without flinching because it doesn’t have that burning sensation because it’s alcohol-free. Furthermore, Swish has Surefresh Technology that helps kill bad breath-causing bacteria and prevents plaque and tartar build-up, cavities, and gum disease.

Swish comes in five flavors namely Mangosteen Mint, Cinnamon Blast, Arctic Chill, Icy Choco Mint, and Peppermint Fresh. I got the Icy Choco Mint (green) and Mangosteen Mint (pink) in 250 ml. bottles, Icy Choco Mint in 120 ml., 2 bottles of Cinnamon Blast (red) in 35 ml., and Mangosteen Mint in 35 ml. My personal favorite is Mangosteen Mint because of the exciting coolness it brings inside my mouth. For more information about Swish mouthwash please visit their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SwishPhilippines).

FOTT x Makr Carry Goods Backpack Lookbook






 One of the leading street fashion today – Russia based, the FOTT, had teamed up on the other brand called Makr Carry Goods to Jason Gregory who is into men’s accessories based in Florida USA, for their new collaboration of bags that you may see on the top photos. Actually, I dont know the further details (as of now) for these awesome bags here, but it seems these bags are looks so dope and useable enough that can give also convenient on each peeps who needs it.

Alright, that’s it for now and as soon I got to know other info about these bags, like the pricing details and availability, sure thing! will update this post again for you to be updated on what’s new things inside the fashion industry today.

Okay, bye and have yourself a great weekend..:)

Charm Bracelets From Cutey.co.uk



Charm bracelets are made of breads,stones,gems and some lucky things on it that I dunno what it is( the term though..LOL) This accessory is the most talked- about accessory today and even those fashion icons are keep on talking and asking where this awesome bracelet can buy of, no worries, because I’ve found one site that had some designs and selection of this charm bracelets that you could choose from with.. And you may check the cutey.co.uk for it.. 🙂

Canon Poweshot D10 (Underwater Camera)

I am a fan of cameras since I bought my very own D500 DSRL through my online earnings. And now Spring has been started and we all know that people are having fun into the beaches they want too and as a part of it, pictures are the great memories of the family get together, right? that’s why I am thinking of today if I were consider this canon powershot D10 soon as we go on to the beach, becuase I want to have an pictures of my self underwater that my DSRL cannot cover it.

Let see as I got my money, will definitely get one of this kind. Though others want the Nikon brands but yet still I am thinking of if I’ll go with Nikon instead. Or will stick on Canon.

Big Bang and Nikon

This poster photo was shared by a friend on Facebook, though I knew it already that the boy K pop group Big bang and all YG Entertainment family where this guys under, I mean the agency was all endorser by the Nikon.

I love cameras and as I blogged and published one post recently that Ive been bought my DSLR camera which the canon 500D one thing that I was looking forward too, is to have my own photography and fashion site. Sounds interesting right? but I am still thinking if I will buy one Nikon camera to use to, instead of my canon 500d, becuase a lot of people are saying that the Nikon has a great quality of shot than the canon but on the other hand canon has also another ability that the Nikon haven’t. I am still thinking though if I will push my self out to buy my Nikon camera since my idols was the endorsers of it.LOL Let me think. Alright, that’s it for now and let me update this again once I have my decision then. Thanks

I want an Ipad!

Who wants Ipad? I know, you are raising your hand too, like i do right now, yeah i am aiming to have at least the cheapest ipad that i could buy, but yet still i need to consider my budget though, i hope i can buy one soon, and i need brand new not those second handed  that might has some malfunctioning parts. Anyways, what is my main reason, why i needed it? Actually i have this lap top already that my sister bought to me, but i need something handy computer that can i bring everywhere i go with, of course i use to often check my account for some update on my clients and all that, and yeah, I think Ipad is the best gadget for me to use to.what do you think?LOL ok im talking nonsense again, bear with it, so yeah, i have to go now and ill definitely update this as i bought my wanting Ipad with me.Thanks!

Great Facial Mask Ever, The SK II

I’m too blessed to have such well caring sister like my sister, because she always thought my first sake than to her,( I think so) because she bought me these quite expensive mask though that called SK II, maybe for me to get my skin look better, because as we all know,I use to work 24/7 and maybe then she got noticed with that ill be having my pimples back, that is why she brings these 2 SK II to me, that been cost her pocket 1000 php for only to these 2 mask. WOW, i’m too touched,really!

Actually, as moment in time, i dont yet tried one mask, because i am too busy on my work and my clients was too mean that needs my full attention though,Too bad on me,right? Anyways, thats life then, Ok as i tried one, ill definitely share it to you here on what the mask can do on the face as you use it. But for now let us other people share their thoughts about the product, as they used it before, my comment box is open guys,all suggestions,thoughts,reviews and any related things on the product are very welcome to be write on below. Just let me know what you are thinking about this product.

Let’s get the party’s On!

How often do you consider your self going on a certain parties? Well, If you are asking me that question back,ill probably says that i was indeed a  party dude, because i cant help my self though to go on the party that someone expecting to be with there.Besides, the host of the party was invited me though if that it so, and i dont want to be look like rude or something, and of course i dont want to refuse someone’s person invitation that’ gives this overwhelming feelings on my end, becuase they do thought that i needed to be on there,on their special days on a certain person day, and yeah if someone invited me, i am quite touched then.

But without having any Beer Glasses and Beer Stein that has beer on it of course, The party’s wasn’t to be kick of, becuase all we needed on a party is this drinks that everyone’s will hands up high, but seriously, beer is very importantly or at least any liquor as you having a party, becuase drinks can brings people to get bond to each other, and might get some friends as well before your party will end. by the way i like that beer glasses on the top thats why i putted it so.

Seungri’s Comeback on the center’s stage!

Finally,after long time of waiting,now a big bang member Seungri is having a solo comeback on the center stage,that most fans are really looking forward too,right after YG entertainment announced the comeback dates, Actually this was the second time that this guy Seungri will be performed alone without his company that has a album on it,actually a mini album to be specific,because maybe YG Entertainment(The Agency that handles this guy) is maybe thinking of a great strategy on how they can  market their talents and how’s the talents can be showcasing their each guts.So yeah, this Seungri will be promoting his music till the group big bang will comeback by February that most fans out there are waiting for as well.Too bad on Seungri because he doesn’t have any spare time now to rest like he usual do,because big bag his group as well, will be comeback as ive said ,right after his work done for his mini album.

About my Product’s Reviews

I decided to have my personal product reviews out here,in regards on those products that i wanted to have with, nor, those products that i already have, anyways let see on how this series of post will work out, actually i just recent thought this when the time im too frustrated having one ipad with me, that im still looking forward too, till now because i think Ipad is the best gadget for me to use to.

I hope this month of February, i may now have my own ipad then through my online earnings, but inst yet sure, ok, im still praying for it though.So yeah, i think i need to go now and ill update this product’s reviews category soon, as i seen something interesting to blog with.