I missed to watched the finale of American Idol Season 9

I am a fun Of American Idol Since Kris Allen Won Way back 2009 but since the AI keeps on searching on the next big thing performer(s) on Hollywood they’re really do to have their search every year that is started on the first month of the year but  on this season 9 i wasn’t be able to watch every weeks performances because im too busy on my daily task and stuff but i promise to my self that when the finale gonna happen i  would rather to give my self some break and watch it on TV so that i can blog it after, but bad things happened,lol Ive been slept on the middle of the entire show and i  really felt bad on it because i wasn’t  be able to see who’s gonna win between Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox but thank God to my group of friends on Facebook and twitter they do tweeted who’s wins between them and its Lee Dewyze at the very first i know that this man will win on the said Reality search because his range of voice are great its like i heard Kris Allen And Justin Timberlake at the same time so im quite happy to know that he got the idol

Though i missed to watched it on TV, youtube is the perfect place to watch replay..lol

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