Ready, Get Set, Go..its already June 01

Yeah, this day of time June 01,2010 its my red alert day i must say because i have a lot of things that i have to catching up with, especially  to all of my activities online(blogs,articles,Seo and etc) because sooner or later based on the information that ive been got on my SEO  friend that Google will be updating their page rank one of this days but there’s no exact date and time as always  Google do , so i have to guarantee that all of my post,back link and stuff are already in the good standing on Google search engine so that i can have my page rank after wards , and beside of that i am happy to say that this blog of mine is becoming its 3 months old on the 20th of this month , meaning i can start making money out of here and sell some of my ads space that i really waiting for the last 2 months almost,lol and i still have to do some mega post out of 10  blogs by the way, for my future plan to each one them of course,and i hope it will flow smoothly for me in this coming that’s it for now, ill update you on my next post..thanks

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