I bought a new domain name

Yeah,  Luckily to say , I am hosting another website that i bought this last 2 days ago , though its just accidentally but i see to it, that i can use this on the near future as my money machine blog, but on the other side i am quite worried because i really can feel the pressure right now, In the sense that i am hosting my 3 main website and aside of that i have even a lot of blogs that i hosted for free but regarding with these 3 blog i need to pay on my hosting every month plus the domain per annually that’s why i am quite bothered because these 3 blogs of mind aren’t work in any paid post program and i hope i can survive till the end..huhu

Actually this domain (ronelworld.com) was accidentally bought by this idiot, lol and i never had a plan to buy it at the first place, im just checking out if it is available or not, and the domain was available after all. .then  suddenly i never knew that i clicked on the check out button and all of the sudden Ive been purchased it ,hahah how idiot iam? yeah its automatically deducted on my paypal because i allowed the domain registrar to automatically deduct on my paypal account, i dunno what is the right term for that matter, and the worsen was after i set up my new domain all i know that is ok now and nothing to worry about ,but when the day after that  im about to do some post i found out that my hosting plan was exceeded and all of my blogs was blocked,huhuh and they telling  me that i have to upgrade my hosting plan to a standard one that i have to pay them 5 dollars per month so  they will move the holding status on my account and all of my blogs get visible again on net,its really disappointing right? but i have no choice just to pay them, after all i can use these blogs to earn much, i hope..and after all these payment stuff, ill promise that ill more careful and stint of course,,hehe 🙂 please wish me luck (cross fingered)

So please do read and follow my newest blog-http://ronelworld.com

thanks 🙂

2 thoughts on “I bought a new domain name

    1. wow iba k po tlga mommyrubz secretly follower po ako ng mga blog nio laki po ng kita nio sa payu2..galing po..thanks po sa comment

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