Most Versatile Dresses for 2015

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Planning or tend to attend in sort of parties but has minimal budget for dresses? if so, why not buying one dress then wear if off to those parties you would like to attend to? yes! you ca actually do that. All you have to do is to learn on how to you can make the dress unique in particular party. And first thing you do was to know on how to use accessories that are ones help you out to be unique looking and  to be more elegant. Because accessories can does spice up the whole thing, the whole outfit hence you should get the best accessories out in the market today. I suggest you then to have these glittery type of accessories for you to have this stunning impressions as you walks toward inside the hall where the party is.

 photo mini_zpsofyrzyhp.jpg

But if you aren’t that fond with the idea. You can still try the basics though or these dresses that are normal to wear in any type of occasions and am telling about the homecoming dresses. Yes! these dresses are also versatile and the usual prices aren’t that much where in fact you can have an cheap homecoming dresses at wishesbridal without any hesitation at all. Because all of their dresses on shop are pretty elegant and they cant make you down as you wears any of their items. Hence you should really have to check them out for your consideration..

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Amp up the fashion quotient as you convert FLV files to WMV with Movavi Video Converter

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High quality videos are always preferred in any kind of event reporting, and when the event is related to fashion, the standards leap higher. The fashion world is essentially based on appearances and glamour – if either is lost, then there is not value to your event reporting. To ensure that you capture high fashion in all its glitzy glory, you have to have powerful video converting tools in your arsenal.

Movavi Video Converter delivers perfection

Sometimes a video needs to be converted to various formats to ensure that it runs on all devices. When that video is a fashion video, the pressure to ensure that the conversion is perfect is quite high. Movavi Video Converter helps easy conversion of videos from one format to another for Windows computers. Most videos are stored in the flv (flash video) format, but most mobile devices and even PCs unfortunately do not support this format. To ensure that your fashion video can be accessed by mobile users, your video needs to be converted to a more universal video format.

Convert video files easily from flv to wmv

Just any video converting tool with shoddy conversion won’t do in this case at all – everything needs to be perfect, otherwise the perfectionist fashion designers won’t look twice at your presentation! This video converting tool will be helpful to you if you are an upcoming designer creating your digital portfolio. Since most users use Windows computers, it is advisable to convert your fashion videos to the wmv format, which is a format that especially stores and plays videos on Windows devices. Hence to reach a wider audience and wow more viewers, convert flv to wmv using Movavi Video Converter.

Easy step-by-step conversion of Movavi Video Converter

You can try out Movavi Video Converter for free. It is an easy to use software – download the file, install it and run the .exe file. There is a helpful Installation Wizard which will take care of any difficulties that you may face. Simply click on the ‘Add Video’ button, open the file(s) to add them. Choose the format (flv) from which you want to convert and select the format you want to convert into (wmv). Browse and select the destination to save the converted file. Hit convert to complete the easy process!


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We Asians, mostly us, loves to wear some of these collaborative or limited edition pieces from these brands and labels. That’s why no wonder why we Asians got the most quirky styling when it comes to our fashion sense and statements, look those Japanese who loves to wears colours most of the time. This recently, Ive got an emailed asking me to have this collection to be blog up here and with no hasitation, I happily respond back and let them be posted here for my readers to know on how this brand NEIGHBORHOOD really works for their collection.

Ironically, the other other party ( THREE BUNS ) that NEIGHBORHOOD had collaborated with isn’t a fashion brand or at least a label, at all. It’s just a restaurant, If I am not mistaken and still NEIGHBORHOOD had fond on collaborating with them and got these ” NEIGHBORHOOD x THREE BUNS Capsule Collection” ready for us dope guys. But I think, these pieces were all swag and street wear dapper will surely loves to wear them.

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Saturdays NYC 2015 Holiday Lookbook

 photo saturdays-nyc-2015-holiday-lookbook-1_zpsv6synhku.jpg

Don’t know on how to rock some men trendy pieces? don’t worry then. Because there were these brand’s lookbook that we can probably do for us to be looking trendy for today’s fashion, especially for men. Recently, the NY brand label called Saturdays NYC unveil their newest collection through their lookbook and I must say, these styling are superb. You can wear them off everywhere and anytime in a day hence It’s appropriate for a man like me to have some pieces from this brand particularly on this newest collection they’ve got.

 photo saturdays-nyc-2015-holiday-lookbook-6_zpsuht6aajq.jpg

I think, their each pieces were versatile enough to be wear off either in casual and formal events just know then on how to mix and matches clothes for you to achieve the look you’d trying to pull off. Also, be considerate on the shoes you’ll be wearing because shoes are really important, for men’s fashion, as you trying to rock on a certain styling. You can search Google about it on how these fashionable men finished off their total outfit on their own killer shoes.

 photo saturdays-nyc-2015-holiday-lookbook-14_zpsce65jgz5.jpg

Actually, the brand Saturdays NYC is new to my ear because I am more into contemporary and kind of street wear brands like Stussy and more but I think this brand is really awesome in a way they’d got all the pieces done for any kind of occasions hence we should take a time to check their pieces over their main website or shop for your consideration. I am actually planning to buy off this outfit, the photo on top – the one wears the jagger pants) because it does really speaks to my style.

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Mark McNairy x Five Four “Camp McNairy” Collection

 photo mark-mcnairy-x-five-four-camp-mcnairy-collection-005_zpsilmaan8c.jpg

I admit, I missed a lot on what’s new and hot on today’s men’s fashion trends. Because I was too busy doing my offline tasks which made my online stuff got set aside, in away. But today, I’d promised that I’ll try my very best to at least update this blog,, with some of the newest in collections that these men’s fashion brands had releases. And for today, let me share with you this awesome collection that these 2 brands called Mark McNairy and Five Four had cooked up for us all men for this summer season.

 photo mark-mcnairy-x-five-four-camp-mcnairy-collection-001_zpssghyfeeh.jpg

If you does loves to wear some variant colours. This collection ” Mark McNairy x Five Four “Camp McNairy” Collection” is perfectly for you. Because they’ve made their each pieces into such colors that can gives this fun and happiness  concepts or appeals as you wear them. This collection will be available to the market to avail today, July, 11, 2015, if I am not mistaken. But you could confirm it as checking in any of the both sites main website for further details. But overall, these pieces were dope and guys should rock themselves to it.

 photo mark-mcnairy-x-five-four-camp-mcnairy-collection-002_zpst4yratfo.jpg

Regarding on the price range? oh well, as it is a recently released collection, I haven’t got the details yet on the pricing hence I cant give out certain details regarding it. But no worries, as I got the details then I’ll update this post for you to know on how much the selling prices would be. I keep you posted, for sure!

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Helpful tips on ordering a custom bobbleheads toys

Whenever we order a customized product, we get a great deal of satisfaction. With custom orders, we can get the product which we have ordered in exactly the same way that we want it to be. It is like getting a perfect dress which is not only beautiful but also fit you right! In the same way, when we order custom bobbleheads toys for ourselves or as a gift to others, they will have the same feeling of happiness as well as satisfaction attached to them like any other customized product. So it makes sense to spend some time for framing custom bobbleheads toys for us or for others because at the end of the day it is the satisfaction that we get from a purchase that matters the most and a custom bobblehead toy is surely going to meet that. So let us find out more useful information on ordering custom bobbleheads toys so that you can make the best deal out of them.

There are two main steps that are involved in ordering custom bobbleheads toys. The first thing is that you should know what you are ordering and the second thing is to work out what you have n mind on a piece of paper. You can start with a photo for reference. If you are ordering custom bobbleheads toys for yourself then you can select any of your photos and think about the changes that you would like to see in it. Next, note down all the points that you have in mind. Once you are finished just can the photo and email it to us along with the instructions about the modifications that you would like to see in the photo. We will work out the toy in the same way and send you a sample once we are done. If you need any more changes in it then you can let us know and we will do it as well. Once you are done with everything, and are happy to se the sample, you can give us your approval and upon confirmation we will make the personalized bobbleheads toys final touches and make it concrete.

The same process has to be done when you want o order custom bobbleheads toys for others as well. If it is a custom wedding bobblehead toys that you want then you can send us the photo of the couple and follow the same procedure as above. In case it is a sports bobbleheads toy that you would like to customize then too, follow the same procedure as above. The best thing is that all this will be done online and you will not require to leave your house at anytime to inspect about the processing. All the modifications and samples will be scanned and send to you online as well. All this will ensure that you get custom bobbleheads toys that matches all the expectation that you had when you ordered them. For more inflation about how to proceed with this, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

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Sport glasses for Men

Men these days even lads are used to work out almost everyday. I think people are more health conscious these days than before where we just want to lay down and have our gadget on until dawn. But today, everything turned back were mostly people wants to sweats off and built their desire body, for men, to show off as they went in the beach for summer.

 photo glasses_zpslmukk4fv.jpg

And you know what? there were these particular fashion finds that we men should have as we work out and one of it was this  Sport Glasses to use not just for fashion purposes but also as protection to our eyes as we hit into the sun, as we do our out door exercises.

Usual prices for these type of glasses from the well known brands are tremendous expensive but I knew one online shop which the awesome: who sells a various of glasses for very cheapest one and you can check their list of reasonable glasses here:  for you convenience.

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Great candy wedding favors at

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Getting married isn’t an easy task. I mean the preparation itself. Because other couples prefers to take over all the errands instead of getting a hand from these wedding planners, but I understands it because getting involve on the wedding preparation is the most practical and enjoyable to do as you done it right until your matrimony will gets done. Yes! other couples loves to work under pressure hence they wanted themselves to work on hand for the whole wedding process.

Then, if you had chose to do the same thing which one preparing the whole setting for your own wedding you might think as well on what you should prepare for the venue most especially for the candy wedding favors. Actually, there were a bunch of online shop that offers a varieties of wedding candies from colorful packages down to the jar type of candy. You can check this great candy wedding favors at for more details. No worries, their each candy are only ranging pennies to a dollar per piece which the most cheapest you could get on today’s wedding candies hence you should consider them than to other suppliers.

Other good thing was, they can work as well on your very own wedding candies, what do I mean by that? well, they can do customized wedding sweets just for the theme or motif of your wedding to fits in. Just email them up and ask of further details on how it’s get done.

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Men’s Pearl Jewelry

 photo pearl_zpskdhcyifz.jpg

For centuries, pearl jewelry has been enjoyed for its versatility and elegance. From elaborate pieces to the simple adornments, pearls have joined precious stones like diamonds and rubies and even been worn alone in beautiful simplicity. One of the major advantages pearls offer is the fact that they have a unisex appeal and can be worn by men and women.

Defying Tradition

When most people think of pearls, they imagine a white strand that is often worn as a classic complement to a dress or other women’s semi-formal clothing. However, pearls come in a vast variety of colors and shapes. As a result, the selection of pearl jewelry extends beyond typical white, round pearl necklaces and includes oblong and asymmetrical shapes and darker, earthy colors that typically appeal to a broader demographic. Therefore, today’s man can appreciate the rough, natural design of an imperfect pearl in a variety of more subdued colors that are more likely to complement the average man’s wardrobe.

 photo pearl1_zps3jvh5hnf.jpg

A Natural Accessory

Pearls are created naturally; therefore, their aesthetic enjoyment cannot be limited to one gender. Just as the ocean and the beach are beautiful and can be enjoyed by anyone who chooses to do so, the same is true of the jewels the earth produces. Men may show their appreciation of the ocean by wearing a pearl necklace or bracelet. A single pearl on a strand may serve as a reminder of the beauty of our planet while complementing a casual outfit or even a suit. Men who wish to make a bolder statement may even choose to wear multiple colored pearls on a bracelet.

Today, there are many retailers, such as The Pearl Source (, that sell pearl jewelry for men. Because pearls are natural and very basic, there is no limit to the setting or occasion upon which a man may choose to wear pearl jewelry. From beach lovers to surfers and even executives, there is a pearl to suit virtually every occupation and personality. Given the seemingly limitless array of color choices, men who love accessories will have no shortage of options when choosing a pearl as a vehicle of self-expression.

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Simply But Elegant Beach Wedding dresses

 photo weds_zpsyts7mrgt.jpg

Every each of us has it’s own dream wedding. Other might fond of church wedding, the usual one, while other wanting to be quirky by having an beach wedding instead. For me, anything will do as long it does solemnly did and we wear the most comfortable coat perhaps an tuxedo for me and elegant beach ivory wedding gown for my bride to be – everything gone fine.

But on today’s wedding. As Ive noticed, people were like to have this beach wedding more than the usual. Because they might found the beach wedding more romantic and hassle free when in regards on what to wear. Ivory wedding of weddingshe is the best pick above all, own my opinion. Because this type of wedding gown aren’t that complicated to wear thus everyone s picking it than to those long type ones. Also, the short plain white mini dresses are fine too in any beach wedding because it can brings chicness to you as you wear one plus it’s kinda handy and light that you can freely move whatever you wanted. Hence, this was the most advisable type of gowns you should have for your own beach wedding.

 photo wed_zpscd5hkkxe.jpg

Weddngshe, the one leading online shop today when it comes to wedding gowns and dresses are now giving you a great deals to their all dresses. All you have to do is to head over to this link: and check some of the wedding dresses available you’d think is the best fits on the type of body you had. No worries, weddingshe also offers free shipping as you purchased any item with them without minimum spend and in some selected items, you can also got them in sales price as the shop is on sale at the moment. So what are you waiting for folks? get your beach wedding gown today and make your whole wedding ceremony memorable by just wearing the best gown that weddingshe is offering..

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