A Groom’s Guide to Fashion

So, you’re wedding is approaching and you haven’t yet decided what you’re going to wear. If you don’t even know where to start, let us help you.

The Suit

This is the best place to start. The thing that people will look at first when they see you will be the suit that you’re wearing, so you want it to look the part. It’s best to get a tailored suit to make sure that it fits you as well as it possibly can. Visit http://michaelandrewsbespoke.com/ for a despoke suit. There’s nothing worse than turning up for your wedding in an ill-fitting suit. The style and fit you go for are up to you. At the moment, slim fitting suits are in fashion, but you don’t need to be restricted by current fashions. Your own comfort is always more important on your wedding day.

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There are lots of interesting styles of tie out there, so you can have some fun when choosing yours. The colour is important, and you will need to think about it corresponds to the colour of your suit. But it’s fine to go for something bright and vibrant as long as it works alongside everything else you’re wearing. People are increasingly experimenting with different materials now too. You can get tweed, wool or silk ties. Each of these materials offers something a little out of the ordinary.


There are not many vital rules to follow when it comes to choosing what to wear on your feet for your big day. It obviously depends on what else you have decided to wear, and your own personal preferences when it comes to footwear. Casual shoes are becoming more popular, so don’t rule them out. But the most popular form of footwear remains the black brogue. Remember to make sure that you wear black shoes with a black suit. And if your suit is navy, you are best wearing brown shoes.

Buttonholes and Pocket Squares

Buttonholes are a great way to finish off your outfit. They mark you out as the groom and add a little touch of class to the outfit. A small flower that fits in with everything else you’re wearing (match it with your tie) makes the perfect buttonhole. And then you can add a pocket square to truly finish off the outfit. These are great for adding a pop of colour to an outfit, making them perfect for people who want to liven up their classical style outfit. Just make sure it’s folded properly before you walk down the aisle.

Alternative Ideas

If you don’t want to stick to convention, there are plenty of alternative ideas that are becoming more popular all the time. You could take a more casual approach to your outfit if you like. Coloured shirts with braces are pretty popular at the moment, and they look great for summer or outdoor weddings. Not every wedding is a big serious affair. Some of them are very low-key and casual, so it makes sense that the clothes you wear reflect the tone of the wedding you want to create.

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Saint Laurent Patchwork Motorcycle Jacket

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Mostly men are liking to be more looking dope and rock hence they’re mostly fond of wearing some motor jackets than these coats and blazers, me either, I am actually more pleased to wear motor jackets than other fine pieces that these fashion brands has to offer.

This recently, the luxurious brand called Saint Laurent had released its Patchwork Motorcycle Jacket that is tremendous expensive which us regular or normal people cant really afford to have, yes! because the jacket has a price of $11,000 USD for this jacket alone. Though, it is reasonable in some sort as the brand uses the best quality of leather just to make this jacket and still it doesn’t do well on me as I dont that much of bucks to spend, but if you have some spare bucks to spend for this jacket and wanting to have with you, I’ll then suggest you to buy it off as it can makes you look dope as you wears it. Also, the jacket is limited edition and am pretty sure that in the future you can even sells it to the bigger price, in the sense it could be a good source of investment too..

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Saint Laurent Patchwork Motorcycle Jacket – The jacket retails for around $11,000 USD.

Diamond Supply Co. Teams Up with The Beatles to Present a Loved Up “Yellow Submarine” Collaboration

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You might get so excited as the February , the month of love, have started. Because everyone needs love and through this month we can basically show on how we love each other whether a love for friends, family or to your intimate one, button line is, love is truly in the air as the month of February have come.

As I can see it, brands, labels even companies are indeed took advantage by making some sort of products for the heart occasion, others are fond of making some red chocolates while other prefers a classy one which is the roses that they corporate with sorts of chocolates and candies. But for clothing line they’re of course fond of making an couple t-shirt like on what we used to see these recently, for them to widen their target market for this month, February, as i can see it. In away, these were a great marketing strategy.

Okay, enough of rambling, this recently..I’ve seen these couple shirts from the magazine blog that I truly look up to, and I must say, this collaborative pieces were looks fine and definitely will hit the market as it is meant as couple shirts, especially now as people were celebrating the month of love and they might found these tees reasonable to have.

For these pieces, the brand Diamond Supply Co. had teamed up with Travi$ Scott just to make this limited edition tees that has a theme of “All You Need Is Love” by Beatles. You can have these tees at diamond supply main website and you can also see there the pricing and sort of details for your convenience. Go check them out now and see for yourself on how great these pieces were..

Don’t speculate: A man’s guide to eyewear

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Good news for men who wear glasses: men’s fashion circles now embrace glasses as an expression of a person’s self and their style, rather than ridiculing them as an accessory to correct sight impairment. With this in mind, just how does the normal guy about town go about choosing eyeglasses?

A man’s choice of eyewear should depend upon his style, as well as his face shape; his glasses should complement his look rather than defining it. Rounder face shapes tend to suit thin, rectangular lenses, while square jaws will be softened with round frames. Those with oval faces may find that thicker frames add depth to their faces, although just about any style can be adapted to suit. Finally, heart-shaped faces suit a butterfly-tapered frame – that is, glasses that are wider at the top than they are at the bottom. Color is also something that must be considered. A man who works in a professional capacity should probably think about metallic, black or grey frames, while those in less formal professions can often play around a little more. The key is individuality because glasses are far more readily accepted in fashion circles these days, and so a gentleman shouldn’t be afraid to be bold.

Eyewear options without limits

One thing a man should consider if he is choosing spectacles is style vs. function. Are his glasses a fashion statement disguised as a solution to poor vision, or should their sole purpose be their functionality? Those that play sport, for example, will need to think about the type of eyeglasses they choose, while others may have a little more freedom to browse. Spectacles that could potentially take a lot of battering must be sturdier than those worn in an office all day, after all. Trendy styles this season include round lens aviators, retro browliners that, funnily enough, brush the brow, and wayfarers – it seems that big and bold is best this season.

While it’s undeniable that eyeglasses can be functional and trendy, as well as to die for in some cases, there are those for whom facial furniture just isn’t working. Perhaps they’re conscious of highlighting their sight impairments, find the idea of glasses simply too bold, they work in a profession that makes glasses impractical, or they’re really into sports and fear spectacles getting broken. Whatever the reason there are options including lenses and laser eye surgery, which will make sight impairment a thing of the past.

Lenses can be a great choice for the fashion conscious man about town, giving him the opportunity to choose glasses as and when it suits him, or to keep his visual impairment completely to himself. Laser surgery, meanwhile, is a much more permanent means of correcting sight problems, and would be particularly suitable for somebody that needs a long-term solution, and freedom from glasses and lenses. While much more costly than both eyeglasses and lenses in the short term, many fashionistas find that surgery saves them a fortune in eyewear costs over the course of a lifetime. The choice, of course, is up to the individual, but it really does pay to consult the experts first. A registered and accredited clinic, such as the Minneapolis LASIK eye surgery will be able to answer any questions a man may have about his eye care, as well as taking excellent care of his needs and health.

Eyewear is a hot topic in the world of fashion: to accessorize, or not to accessorize? Luckily for the man about town there are plenty of options available these days, from the types of frame they can choose, to the solutions available that don’t include eyeglasses. It is, of course, perfectly possible for a man to choose lenses or laser eye surgery, and then for him to wear vanity lenses when he feels like it. There are no limits in men’s fashion.


Choosing The Right Hairstyle

As a guy, you don’t have that many options when thinking about how to change your style. You could buy a new wardrobe but this is quite an expensive change. The only chance you have to regularly change your look is with your hairstyle. Changing your hairstyle gives you the opportunity to keep up with trends and to always look your best. That’s why I think the hairstyle a guy chooses is quite an important decision. It’s affected by a few different factors. You need to think about your head size and shape as well as how much maintenance you can handle. Your hair might look fantastic with it super short on the sides and long on top. But only if you take the time to style it each morning. If you don’t want to spend that much time on your hair, you need a low maintenance cut. Here are some other issues to consider.

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Thinning Hair

One of the biggest worries for a guy is that their hair is thinning or that they are going bald. It’s common for guys to have to deal with this issue. Balding is one of the most prominent forms of age but there are a few options you you can consider when choosing a hairstyle. If your hair is only thinning slightly you can layer your hair and comb it to one side. This gives your hair added texture and makes it look fuller. Alternately, your hair might be so thin that it’s noticeable. However, it will be less noticeable if it’s shorter. I recommend that you get a close shave and don’t forget, shaving also encourages hair growth. One other possibility might be to consider getting a hair transplant for men. Through a hair transplant in a couple of months, your hair will be thick enough to style again. It’s an expensive procedure but one that is worth considering if you feel self conscious.

Grey Hair

Another issue to think about when choosing your hairstyle is grey hair. If your hair is greying noticeably in your twenties and or early thirties, you may want to consider dying it. But remember, dying your hair weakens it and leads to the chance of increasing hair loss. You’ll have to ask yourself what’s worse. Grey hair or no hair? You shouldn’t worry too much about grey hair as a lot of women find it quite attractive on a man.

Head Shape

If you have quite a large head or your head is an oblong shape, you might want to grow your hair out. That way you can hide the shape and it looks far more attractive. Typically, shaved heads only look good if the head is quite round. For people with long faces, it’s better to have average length hair. You can see this when looking at the celeb head shapes and how they style their hair.

Picking A Celeb Cut

Finally, you may think about taking your hairstyle from the cue of a celeb. Just remember not to copy their hairstyle exactly. Some celebs are able to pull off more extreme looks that would appear quite ridiculous on the typical individual.

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The fashion icons over the years and how they influenced style

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The fashion industry is a billion dollar enterprise; ever-growing, it has the power to manipulate what we wear, who we wear and how we wear it. We’ve come to view clothes as not only practical products but also as objects that symbolize status and reflect how we want people to see us and how we want to see ourselves. Every decade has been defined by “a look,” something that makes that particular era standout, but who were the original trendsetters who constructed the foundations of fashion? We’re going to look at some of the most fashionable icons from the 1950s right up until our own modern times in 2016.

Feminine ‘50s: magnetic Marilyn

The 1950s saw the celebration of hourglass figures during the golden age of Hollywood glamour.
With her trademark platinum blonde curls, sultry eyes and distinctive beauty spot, Marilyn Monroe was the perfect pinup. The international sex symbol had an eye for fashion and knew how to flatter and enhance her flawless figure with timeless, feminine couture. Who could forget her sexy pleated white dress or alluring pink gown with elbow-length gloves? Her memorable looks have been recreated time and again; even today, women all over the world reimagine the screen siren’s most memorable ensembles for fancy dress costumes and special occasions.

Sophisticated ‘60s: a fashionable First Lady

Elegant and chic, Jackie Kennedy Onassis influenced women everywhere with her demure and all-American classical style earning her the title of one of the best-dressed people in popular culture. The fashion-forward First Lady made pillbox hats, over-sized sunglasses and A-line dresses popular and the paparazzi go wild. Opting for high-end designer labels such as Coco Chanel, Givenchy and Christian Dior, Jackie Kennedy was a true fashion icon in every sense that optimized the “less is more” attitude with her effortless minimalism.

Sassy ‘70s: daring David Bowie

Eclectic, experimental and rebellious; David Bowie daringly redefined fashion with confidence and charisma. The Rock and Roll legend expressed his creativity by constantly pushing the boundaries and embracing androgyny that transformed him into a universal sex symbol. His flame-red hair, outlandish jumpsuits, flamboyant feather-boas and striking makeup captivated fans from all four corners of the world and established him as an inspirational and individualistic icon. Just by watching a video compilation of his greatest hits is a history lesson in fashion firsts. As David Bowie lyrics go, “Fashion! Turn to the left, Fashion! Turn to the right!”

Eye-catching ‘80s: material girl Madonna

Bold and brash, the ‘80s saw big hair, big shoulder pads and even bigger names. Madonna, Michael Jackson and Princess Diana were just a few of the icons that graced television screens and magazine covers everywhere. As a young, extroverted performer with bucket loads of attitude, Madonna was a charismatic chameleon and fierce fashionista who continues to inspire upcoming stars including Lady Gaga and Rihanna. During the ‘80s, she expressed herself and was always in vogue with over-the-top jewelry, garish fishnets, inside-out underwear and quirky cone-bras.

Naughty ‘90s: powerful pop princesses

The ’90s saw the evolution of “girl power” with cult music acts including The Spice Girls, Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears. Neon colors, platforms, leggings and grungy unisex looks dominated a decade that was a mash-up of styles that inspired women to take control. The Spice Girls rocked high platforms while Brittany Spears made red latex catsuits a must-have addition to any wardrobe. It was a time when you could be whoever you wanted to be.

 photo 2805a3d87ba1c688d400dc547f068203_zpsidgh3g3n.jpg

Nowadays ‘00s: modern muses

With the omnipresence of social media and the relentless “selfie” craze, there’s a new-found emphasis on looks and appearance. Whether you like them or not, the Kardashian clan have become household names who have cleverly utilized this social media platform to make them some of the most Googled people on the planet. Celebrating their contours with figure-hugging attire, the Kardashians’ have popularized big booties and killer curves and have even developed their own clothing range, suitably named the “Kardashian Kollection”. We also have a new wave of politically powerful role models including Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama who grace our glossy magazine covers with tailored sleek styles for understated yet elegant looks.

Fashion trends come and go but the progressive icons that have defined decades have left long-lasting impressions and will always be remembered for their style and impact on popular culture. In 2016, their infamous looks will no doubt live on and inspire the young stars of tomorrow.

Namm 2016

Mostly teens these days are more engaged with fashion and musics instead of sports, for both men and women. Because fashion is generic while music is classic hence if you can combined it in one you’ll probably makes yourself more confident and might people sees you as talented individual. Yes! that’s how people perceive those person who has known on how to style their self out at the same time know on how to play any musical instruments.

The most dominant or demand kind of instruments today are these from the brand namm which I know most of you are familiar with today. You can even check Namm sale online for the selection of instruments are you keen to have new one for yourself. Go check google now and have one ship out your way already.

Your Road to Good Health

 photo 12039202_10204976392064795_6787592000372842297_n_zps13abtiuz.jpg

The Christmas holidays has definitely brought about a lot of celebrations and parties and for sure many men have seen their waistline expand because of overeating. Now, start the new year right by revitalizing your way to good health. There’re certain things that you can do and they’re easy if you have determination. First, you’ve got to control your weight since being obese can be a start to other major health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Not smoking is another advice that guys have to take and probably the most essential health decision to make. Exercising regularly is likewise advantageous not only because it minimizes the risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity, among others, but also because it improves your mood. And for you to have the total health being, I suggest you to regularly take vitamins from unilad : http://www.unilab.com.ph/vitamins-supplements/.

 photo IMG_2376_zpslsbag6lm.jpg

Conzace multivitamins plus mineral

Another way to a healthy you is to not drink too much because it’s a major cause of death in many countries. Having a healthy diet, without a doubt, is very important. Increase good fats like omega-3 fatty acids and whole grains and minimize bad fats and carbs like saturated fats and highly refined grains. To reduce the danger of clots forming in the arteries leading to the brain and heart and cause strokes and heart attacks, take aspirin everyday. Last but not the least, take vitamins regularly such as Conzace multivitamins plus mineral. This is for the prevention and treatment of vitamins and/or mineral deficiencies.