Seungri’s Comeback on the center’s stage!

Finally,after long time of waiting,now a big bang member Seungri is having a solo comeback on the center stage,that most fans are really looking forward too,right after YG entertainment announced the comeback dates, Actually this was the second time that this guy Seungri will be performed alone without his company that has a album on it,actually a mini album to be specific,because maybe YG Entertainment(The Agency that handles this guy) is maybe thinking of a great strategy on how they can  market their talents and how’s the talents can be showcasing their each guts.So yeah, this Seungri will be promoting his music till the group big bang will comeback by February that most fans out there are waiting for as well.Too bad on Seungri because he doesn’t have any spare time now to rest like he usual do,because big bag his group as well, will be comeback as ive said ,right after his work done for his mini album.

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