Great Facial Mask Ever, The SK II

I’m too blessed to have such well caring sister like my sister, because she always thought my first sake than to her,( I think so) because she bought me these quite expensive mask though that called SK II, maybe for me to get my skin look better, because as we all know,I use to work 24/7 and maybe then she got noticed with that ill be having my pimples back, that is why she brings these 2 SK II to me, that been cost her pocket 1000 php for only to these 2 mask. WOW, i’m too touched,really!

Actually, as moment in time, i dont yet tried one mask, because i am too busy on my work and my clients was too mean that needs my full attention though,Too bad on me,right? Anyways, thats life then, Ok as i tried one, ill definitely share it to you here on what the mask can do on the face as you use it. But for now let us other people share their thoughts about the product, as they used it before, my comment box is open guys,all suggestions,thoughts,reviews and any related things on the product are very welcome to be write on below. Just let me know what you are thinking about this product.

How to open an account(Union bank)

Alright, people are often asked me on what they should bring, if they doesn’t have any id’s with them as they apply on their eon card on the nearest bank on their place, Oh well, good things about on the Philippines was , everything has a remedy on it, like giving such clearances that may push through on their application, like police clearance,baranggay clearance and so on clearances that you may have out there, not like on the other countries which they restricted on their requirements on the certain application.

Anyways, I heads up on the union bank site recently and i found these note which can help you a lot on your requirements for your application.

To apply for an EON Card you must

1. Make a personal appearance at the UnionBank branch.
2. Submit a fully accomplished EON Cyber Account Application form.
3. Present at least two (2) valid IDs. Please see list below.

  • Passport
  • Current Driver’s License
  • Permit to Carry Firearms
  • New Social Security System (SSS) card
  • Government Services Insurance System (GSIS) eCard
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID
  • New Tax Identification Number (TIN) Card
  • Postal ID
  • National Statistics Office (NSO) authenticated Birth Certificate
  • NSO authenticated Marriage Certificate
  • Original & unexpired National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Digitized Voter’s ID
  • Philhealth card
  • Office of Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) / Senior Citizen card
  • ACR Identity Card (I-Card)
  • Consular ID
  • Barangay certification
  • Philippine Overseas Employment Association (POEA) / Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Card
  • OFW ID
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Government office ID (e.g., Armed Forces of the Philippines, Home Development Mutual Fund [HDMF] IDs)
  • Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP)
  • Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Certification
  • PRA Special Resident Retiree Visa (SRRV) ID
  • Other valid IDs issued by the Government and its instrumentalities

4. Submit a photocopy of the two (2) valid IDs you will present. Please note that the branch may require other documents and information such as your Tax Identification Number (TIN) and SSS Number so please have this ready.
5. Pay P350 for your first year annual fee.
6. Bring your initial deposit (not required but recommended) so that you can start using your EON account.

Just copy paste this into the site, so please bear with it..:)

Credit to: Unionbank

Too bored

I’m too bored doing this things so often and each day actually, but I think I found some thing fun out on the Internet which playing some games, I play counter strike the game of combat and even online poker but no money involve just the plain fun game, but this recently I’ve been stumbled on the site named online casino planet, and yeah I found it awesome and as I got some PayPal money I’ll definitely try to play n this great site, let see I’ll update you regarding this as I played my self out.

So you,as you bored, what stuff that you do usually do? And how do you stress your self out onto those tiring stuff that you’ll be doing each day, or too often. Care to share on me and to my readers? If so, that will be great, just leave on your thoughts below on my comment box,alright then, that’s it for now and I hope you’ll have this very lovely day ahead. Thanks a lot

Awesome cover!

Wow, thats word that i can only say,Look these girls are so pretty and talented indeed that is why, Ive been decided to put them over into this blog to make them talent buzz worldwide, as people will read this post then,so yeah,what do you think about this cover? Me personally, i really adore them on what they been doing to their video because they’re look too cute that can make me feel amused every time id watch them here.Who doesn’t by the way? and you can still watch their other videos on their youtube video page, just click on the video on top and it will direct you on their page that you may see their made videos.So yeah, thats it for now and i hope you really do find them such awesome like i find them.

Using My Twitter Tool Once again!

Yes, I decided to use my twitter tool again, that can be propagate this wordpress blog to my twitter account  it self, to make my posts tweeted every time, right after i published it out to this blog, sounded awesome right? but wait, not just that, because my twitter account has been propagated as well on my facebook account, so meaning every post made through this blog will rapidly goes to twitter then twitter send it on facebook account that can brings a lot of traffic on my end from both twitter and facebook, by the way, the twitter tool is a wordpress plugin, that is available to use for free,just search it on your plugin page via admin panel then install it and just put your info on to make the plugin’s work.So easy,right? try it now and let see if you may gets some good traffic as well.

Let’s get the party’s On!

How often do you consider your self going on a certain parties? Well, If you are asking me that question back,ill probably says that i was indeed a  party dude, because i cant help my self though to go on the party that someone expecting to be with there.Besides, the host of the party was invited me though if that it so, and i dont want to be look like rude or something, and of course i dont want to refuse someone’s person invitation that’ gives this overwhelming feelings on my end, becuase they do thought that i needed to be on there,on their special days on a certain person day, and yeah if someone invited me, i am quite touched then.

But without having any Beer Glasses and Beer Stein that has beer on it of course, The party’s wasn’t to be kick of, becuase all we needed on a party is this drinks that everyone’s will hands up high, but seriously, beer is very importantly or at least any liquor as you having a party, becuase drinks can brings people to get bond to each other, and might get some friends as well before your party will end. by the way i like that beer glasses on the top thats why i putted it so.

I hate the weekends!

Indeed,i really hates weekends, because all advertisers are sleeping at the moment that i cant help with by the way, nope they just having their day off then,let them be, so that we can have such great offers(bloggers that was listed on my database) because basically as my advertisers had in the great mood by certain day, Me personally, i cant stop them out by giving me such good offers toward on my personal blogs only,and sorry for my bloggers because i cant give such great offers to you all then, because advertisers wanted my blogs alone,ops, sounded like there was a favoritism? i hope not, because i am wanted my bloggers to be happy like me then,though i can served some opportunities to them already, but yet still there just minimal though.Yeah too bad right? alright, let see as this week days passing by,if i could get some offers to them,crosses fingers all.

New theme Baby!

Now, I would say that i was indeed pickled minded by often changing my theme through this blog. I think this theme was on the 10th times already for this blog to be use, but yet still i dont find such great theme that will blend on the topics and such thing that ill be tackling here, well i think i need to hire someone layout designer to make my frustration done for all of this, what do you think about it? but for awhile, let me use this new theme that I’ve been seen on  Nadine’s blog. She’s my blogging friend by the way, and yeah i find the theme cool that is why i decided to get it so for this blog to be renewed looking.

I hope  this theme will be lasted at least 2 months then, so that i wont get this stress that ill be having off as i needed and eagerness to have a new theme for this freaking personal blog.

Seungri’s Comeback on the center’s stage!

Finally,after long time of waiting,now a big bang member Seungri is having a solo comeback on the center stage,that most fans are really looking forward too,right after YG entertainment announced the comeback dates, Actually this was the second time that this guy Seungri will be performed alone without his company that has a album on it,actually a mini album to be specific,because maybe YG Entertainment(The Agency that handles this guy) is maybe thinking of a great strategy on how they can  market their talents and how’s the talents can be showcasing their each guts.So yeah, this Seungri will be promoting his music till the group big bang will comeback by February that most fans out there are waiting for as well.Too bad on Seungri because he doesn’t have any spare time now to rest like he usual do,because big bag his group as well, will be comeback as ive said ,right after his work done for his mini album.

Not satisfied Yet!

Yeah,honestly i dont like how Google updated this blog today, i mean on my pagerank because i just got this pr2 that ill never been expecting at all because i was aiming to have a pagerank of 3 insistently to this blog instead, thats why im given my 100 percent effort to blog such unique and personal post than having some paid post out of here and i evenly work hard on my link building activities and such thing, So now, what is the problem? do those backlinks that ive been made aren’t be quality enough to lift up this blog on the third spot? Anyways, its ok though, beside we can do anything regarding on this matter right? So yeah, i think i need to make another seo plans for this blog so that when Google will update again sooner, i can have my aimed page rank then. Yeah quite sometime i was nuts by somethings stuff like this, but at least Ive learned a sort of lesson through this nuttiness, which “you’ll never expected something happened because we aren’t know what will happen on the future”.

And now as i got this pagerank of 2, i was thinking now to work in any site broker who can consider me then to work with under by them, but let see on how’s the river’s flow. I’ll make you updated on what company that ill be considering to work with using this blog,Alright , i think im done talking out here,bye!