Update on My Eon Card(Union Bank)Requirements Post.

Been published before some posts regarding on how you may get your own eon card, though if you could remember, Because being a blogger like me we use to have this card to transact our money and any matters related, So yeah, Union bank is the best bank that we may consider with for having your great card that will be linked on your paypal account,Why? because union bank has this card called eon card which  indeed affiliated on the paypal company it self and the good thing was on this card is, The card has its own logo, i mean a visa logo where you can use anywhere and everywhere you are, wow thats sounded awesome hasn’t it?

Anyways, what are the requirements that you’ll be needed to attend with or to have with first  before you may can apply on the nearest branch on your place? ok, when i  applied my self then for my card, i brings these 2 valid id’s  belongs on my sss number and TIN as well because i heard that some branches are quite restricted on the requirements given but when i heads up on the union branch here at my place they dont evenly ask any requirements beside of my 2 valid id’s , I think some branches has some issues regarding on the card? not sure though but thanks because my bank isn’t that hard to please off with..LOL

And if you dont have any valid id’s with you, at least you can bring some alternative one like what you’ll be seeing on the requirements page via union bank site it self, no worries here’s the link though http://www.unionbankph.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=915&Itemid=250 , Alright thats it for now and by the way i got my card already and ill blog it by tomorrow as i got some snap on it..thanks!

About my Product’s Reviews

I decided to have my personal product reviews out here,in regards on those products that i wanted to have with, nor, those products that i already have, anyways let see on how this series of post will work out, actually i just recent thought this when the time im too frustrated having one ipad with me, that im still looking forward too, till now because i think Ipad is the best gadget for me to use to.

I hope this month of February, i may now have my own ipad then through my online earnings, but inst yet sure, ok, im still praying for it though.So yeah, i think i need to go now and ill update this product’s reviews category soon, as i seen something interesting to blog with.


Alright, this post was changed due with some reasons that i was trying to working out on this blog.Because nowadays people are quite mean, and spending too much time by reading and digging each of my linking verbs,subject and so on that is in related on English grammatical thingy, Oh, sorry,I really sorry if you couldn’t understand my english at all, because i was just a poor little boy  that’s been stopped studying on his collage courses and beside, i admit that i hate English when i was studying way back time, but now, i was realized that i need to be proper and well  knowledge on the language, though some of my friends are Americans and even my relatives who often tells me that i am good on their language, but yet still i need to be well grammatical on this blog? or i just stick on what Ive been adept with on how i write a blog post? please suggest me! no worries, all criticism comments are welcome to this entry, just dont hesitance to hit me any, c’mon.

By the way, just want you to all  know that working to these 25 plus blogs is not really that easy, that’s why please,forgive me when you’ve been seen any misspelled and not so proper construction of sentences on my entries because i was too hurry every time i posted out a new blog post that i am trying to avoid, but sorry to me, i cant, because i needed to attend those bunch of paid post entry that was waiting for me each day.

I know i cant please everyone,Ill understand! just dont get too mean to me, ok!

cheer up


How long do i spend to write my post done?

Well, i am fast as much i can, because as we all know that i was running 20 plus blogs alone and i dont have any companion who can help me with to these bunch of personal idea each day that i s why i dont have any choice in me just to write these posts alone,what the heck right? its like im torturing my self out? yeah indeed, im torturing my self i would say!ahah ok kidding aside, managing 20 plus blogs are quite hard on the first place but if you have this perseverance and willingness to write and write without dead end of writing, i think you may adopt the environment and might adept your self sooner as you continuing doing your part each day, thats how i did to manage my blogs out and i think through my attitude,a lot of prospective advertisers will consider me then because they might see this hard working that ill be showing off to them,( i hope so) hahah i find my self funny now because i sounded quite boastful by lifting up my self over this post..LOL anyways bear with it!

I think i am wrote such nonsense on the first part and the title was indeed far on the written at first, sorry! well how long do i spend to write my post done? actually most of my blog entry has this at least 200 words long because thats the minimum size i believe in order for you get a bunch of work though and  if you are asking me? hmm i can write my things out in just 3 minutes in the minimum size,..haha yeah i can do that without knowing if i spell my words right or not, well, its ok though because wordpress has this correction spell feature that i can use every time! ok thats enough for now because i think my mouth rather hands is not stoppable for sharing on what on my mind now..LOL ok ill make another post right after i publish this,thanks!

Im tired I think!

Yeah, i think i was indeed tired now by doing these stuff so often, how often? almost every minute a day and i was referring by promoting this blog out through all of my known forums and any social networking sites, Actually as i blogger. if i dont intended to earn some bunch of pennies along my way then, i really dont have to do these, i mean tiring things because i can leave my poor blog stat hang up on the Google search and i dont even need to get as much traffic that i wanted as i blog this out for nothing but thats is not my aim to this blog because i was aiming to earn big bucks just to support my self alone to this daily living because i think i need to be independent now and sooner ill be considering living on the place that is indeed far on my adept lifestyle and let see on what gonna happen as i may go into the point in time, but now lemme first stint to hard using this blog and earn as much the high amount that i could possible earn through this blog. quite stress on my end but its ok though because if you dont plan any,you cant harvest any right? wait is that the right myth on that?LOL leave it please, sometimes rather most of the time i can really make my own myth out of it beside this was my own place and i can say what ever things that i wanna say right? so yeah i think thats it for now and ill make you updated regarding this nuts plan of mine soon,thanks a lot folks!

New advertiser(s) please come over here!

Indeed overwhelmed these past days ago because some advertisers i mean a private advertisers has been given us, me and my sister  a great deals though  who can makes us feel much happier these days, who doesn’t by the way? having a bunch of offers on your end, anyways now i am open rather extremely open in any such advertisers out there who is reading this post at the moment that i am accepting  in any form of advertisement that will be serve on this blog soon, just hit me any messages regarding this matter on this given email address  ronel.marin2002@gmail.com thanks a lot!

Actually at first im quite pissed off to those private advertisers because they use to asked everything who can keeps the conversation sucks and long that is why most of them are getting declined by me, but when i have this peace of mind and time then, Ive been given them a changed to tackle what advertising that they wanted to put in on my blog and yeah i served the ads then and received the payment already who can makes me feel rewarding and overjoyed through all of my hard works to a certain blog wheres the ads has been served of, so yeah thats the story! and now i am truly looking forward to have any new advertisers on my way  because they are really awesome to work with, im telling you! alright thats what i have for today and yeah thanks a lot!

No Rank yet!

Yes, i was expecting that this blog will have its own rank this new year’s day but i think i failed on it because now its already 16th of the first month of the year but yet still there’s no rank given by this blog, so now, do i have to check my seo strategies or such? because there was also some minimal report that other blog is given there rank already though they are having there 2 months old domain, so what is the real through out of these speculations that people are buzzing out to those forums and blogs? i am dead of ideas now regarding this i hope someone could explain on how Google works this days? anyone who is studied the matter already, please do share some information to us bloggers who trying to know on whats going on inside Google? LOL

So yeah, up to now there’s no update made but other people confirmed that last week of december last 2010 Google updated minimally but not sure though because my 20 6 months old blogs hasn’t seen any changes to my toolbar but let see as this months passing through if we can experience the huge and major update,crosses fingers, ok im finish now and let see soon on what rank should be given on this blog,thanks!

Now, what is my Zodiac Sign?

I dont base my future in any medium like zodiac signs,furtune teller and such thing because i really do believe that god is the one who can know on whats gonna happen to us on the near future and we can do all things that we are wanted beside we have this free will to decide and thinks about matter right? well as this new years has been started  a lot of new was been turning out like an new Zodiac sign which called Ophiuchus, dont know behind story about this new zodiac sign so please bear with me, ok ill make some research later as ive done doing this post though..LOL ok let me list out those new set of zodiac sign below

Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11
Pisces: March 11-April 18
Aries: April 18-May 13
Taurus: May 13-June 21
Gemini: June 21-July 20
Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23-29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29-Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20

Actually this topic got my attention then because this was trending on facebook wall i believed, so yeah i better to post it out here..LOL anyways my birthday is December 17 and now im quite bit confused which zodiac signs which i belong too? Ophiuchus: Nov. 29-Dec. 17 or still Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20? please could you tell me?LOL ok i think better idea if i have both zodiac because as i got a back luck for being a Ophiuchus i might go for Sagittarius on that day so that the good luck vibes will follow then..i likey this ..LOL ok thats it for now and if i gather more information about this ill definitely update this out..thanks a lot!

Where are you eon card?

Yeah, where are you? im still waiting too long for you to get arrive on me now,LOL kidding aside, i am now quite pissed off to that bank branch where ive been applied for the card because they took me so long now for that simply card to get mine, though its been given that the holidays was held when the time i applied but for the god sake is already 1 month and half but yet still i dont heard anything update regarding on my application , well i dont do anything just to wait beside i was the one who needed it  so i dont have any choice just to wait on the card to be release..LOL its ok for me though at least i had a another bank in me who is linked out on my paypal already but of course i need something cheapest when its comes on transaction fees, so yeah ill be waiting it till 30th of the month so that by next month i can be able to use it for my withdrawal on my gathered money through all of my trusted companies where i’ll be working with right now (using my other blogs) because right now this blog is quite new then and dont have any page rank on it that is why i am reserving this for the ultimate earning who is heading up on me soon as this blog will be apply on payu2blog..LOL

Ok thats it for now and enjoy the day everyone!

One Awesome Gift!

it is normal for me to seen such awesome perfume(s) here at house because my sister was indeed selling some of those that is why maybe  i am not too excited to have any, nor i dont use to like it though  because instead buying of perfume ill consider some clothes then on me because perfume can rapidly disappear while on the things like clothes it can be lasted for good times.well perfume can be lasted as well if you dont often use it..LOL and i am considering the price as well by the way..LOL

that’s why i am quite bit happy when my sister gave me this eternity CK for men because the perfume was really good on my nose then. though i likey it when the first time i smelt it but i dont have enough money to buy it(thats the main problem i think..LOL) but my sister was truly generous to give me this one, so yeah thanks to my beloved sister and i hope i can give her such same value of this perfume but i dont know when was that..LOL ok thats it for now and have a nice day to all