Columbia Jackets

What are the newest trend pieces today? Well, that’s why I made this post for you to all know what are the pieces you’ll be considering as you wanted to be hip. Okay, on the site columbia jackets is the best find nowadays and even a celebrities picked. That’s why this jackets are started to get in trend and sooner it will hip in the industry.

I’ll make you updated on this folks. So please, keep checking this blog.

Chef Jobs

On this blog, I really wanted to find it as informative one. Because a lot of readers or people who are seeking information are often stumbled on this place. Lol

Anyway, what are the demand jobs on today industry?hmm.. Well, based on the news, the Banquet Chef Jobs is the most demand jobs today in both local and international companies. Because interprenuers these days are used to open their own resto that can gives jobs to the million of chef graduate out there. So yeah..that’s it- and check the classified ads now for you to know those companies who needs you.

Men’s Earrings

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While I was searching around the web on what are the jewelries that men are often wearing these days, this photo had pop out to the first page of the searched page which means this men earrings is the leading piece among to all those other awesome jewelry that men usually considering or used.

Actually, me personally, I don’t have any fierce with me because I’m still wanted to be look neat and clean,though it doesn’t mean if a guy has fierce he may not look clean and such thing. This only how I look to myself if ever I got this fierce with me. Bear with me then.

So yeah, if you wants to be “IN” on today’s fashion trend as you are a guy, I think you must have any dope earrings to you to spice up your total outfit.

Be Dope,Be Hip, wear your Watches

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There are lots of new watches today that can help to improve your image, however most of them are pieces that you are used to wearing. My motto when it comes to fashion is to be unique and enthusiastic, don’t follow trends but make your own! Being unique and making others follow you is a different type of fashion.

The main reason that this is considered fashion is because you’re creating a new trend yourself, which in my opinion is far better than just wearing what everyone else is wearing. Fashion Watches are great accessories that help you to stand out from the rest.

There are lots of brands of watches that I have been paying attention to recently, but all of my favourite watches are either Breitling watches, Chanel watches or Hublot watches, as they are very unique, classy and stylish. All of these brands create timepieces that can be worn with lots of different outfits, in lots of different environments, which is why I like them so much.

I would strongly advise anyone who loves to look a bit different to get themselves a really stylish watch.

Athletic Shorts

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I’m pretty tired and I dunno what I actually blogging about, so please bear with me here. Anyway, I just realized that I needed to get this athletic shorts because sooner I’ll be forcing my self to do workouts and spend my at least 4 hours to the gym. Because I pretty hella wide today. LOL and I dunno how I can rid on this freakin body but I hope gym will help me much on this huge problem that Ive got.

Athletic short can make you swagger as you do your thing on the gym that’s why I even wants to buy some of these,though Ive got some already but yet still many shorts is way better,right? that’s why I’m planning still to buy some. But I dunno where to buy good quality of this shorts because the shorts that I have in here are bought from the united stated given to me by my brother in law. hehe Yeah! I’m thankful to have a kind heart brother in law.

Best anniversary gift

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What is the best anniversary gift for him? I know that was the question roaming to your head these days. Because your anniversary is coming over and dunno what you should give for him? I know right? that’s why I’m here to help you a bit on what a man would like often to get as this occasion comes.

We man likes to have watches, if the girl’s best friend was the diamond then watches is the man best friend. That’s why if you were planning to give your better half a gift watch is the best pick. I wasn’t wrong for this because me personally, I wanted to have an watch as for anniversary gift.

Men’s Jewelry

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Since this blog is dedicated on to those trend jewelry pieces these days and way of fashion to. It’s matter for me then to blog some Men’s Jewelry on this blog too. Because most of you had this thinking that if were says jewelry first things of that may sink to your mind was this girls diamond jewelries because girls are used to wear these jewelries often than men,right? But these days on, fashion is indeed evolving and trends are keep on changing as the people are accepting things out. That’s why nowadays, these jewelries are also for men too.

Men’s are wearing some diamond rings today and even some shinning neck chains and bracelet. Which I think is fine though because these kind of pieces are really can help to spice up our outfit and give something quirky on it that can lead you into the ultimate fashion.

Cleaning the house

I am living independently today. Because Ive been decided to be alone and chance of me to change my childishness and all the usual I did when I was on my parent’s crib. and I think my parents are too proud of me by doing it so, but of course their support is was there either and they still here for me whenever happens to me if I failed this off. Anyway, on my crib, there were some clutters and garbage that are roamed around each corner that I can clean off because they’re lived there for a long time and there’s also some stickers on the wall that I can abolish easily which my main problem today. However, I saw this remove sticker residue product on the market that promised that they can remove all the stickers in just a second, and I believed this product had something to do on my problem today, that’s why I was planning then to buy it tomorrow as I went to the mall.

Planning to buy a new set of TV

I do have TV on my room, but yet still I was thinking to have a new set of TV, I was referred to the one that has videoke and sound system because I used to sing often today. LOL though I am not that singer type but of course practicing can lead you to the better place.hahah Nope I just kidding though don’t take it seriously. Anyway, this TVee Model 25 sound system is the one that I really looking forward to. Because Ive heard that this sound system had this every quality of sounds and it has a lot of features that I may use as a whole as I’m singing my stuff on. I really pleased. That’s it!

Okay, I think I need to check on this on the dept store they might have this kind of sound system or better yet will ask my parents where they were think we could buy this off. If there’s no such sound system here, I might call my sister and ask to please check this product to their stores( I mean some stores where she’s resided) they might have this there. Okay, that’s it and will be then update you as I bought this. thanks folks for reading though.


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These passed few days done, I am too busy bee doing my things out and I don’t even got my sleep completed.

Because I really needed to attend all of my tasks and something else important related on my online jobs as long to my offline one. Yeah! I dunno either on how I can manage my time for these D*** workloads. Though in away being busy is really must for me to get my dept and other bills paid, but yet still I need to get unwind and quite sometimes to escape on this kind of environment.

That’s why on the photo, I was trying to get a call on my sister to had chitchat to her for me to forgot these things I complaining. But suddenly she wasn’t online because its already time where she’s resided right now and she’s might sleeping by that time then.LOL Anyway, its okay though because Ive learned one of my iPod features which is this screenshot thingy that I’d find cool.