My Son’s First Tattoo


“As a military man, I have tattoos. I do. I started getting tattoos at a young age, since we was all doing it. Stupid tattoos, ones I would regret if I let myself feel that emotion, which I don’t. I don’t regret anything I do ever, that’s one of my life mottos. Anyhow, I grew up, and got out of the service, but kept getting tattoos. What’s funny, is when someone asks, I always advise not to get one. Unless of course you know what you want. Now, knowing what you want is a pretty vague term. You can know what you want on a whim, or you can have an idea for years.

When my son, who was 25 at the time, asked me about tattoos, I said, Son, it’s a man’s own decision what he should do and whether or not to get a tattoo. I told him it was his decision alone. Well, he must have been listening, because he and his buddies came over that week with a whole bunch of tattoo kits, like children at a candy store. Part of me wanted to sit back and enjoy the mistakes that were no doubt about to be made in my house, but I also know that I could help the boys out and show them a thing or two about the tattoo equipment they just brought into the home.

Where’d you get this stuff I said, and they told me about. I checked out the site and was impressed with the variety and quality of the products at what seemed like a reasonable price. But what do I know about reasonable prices, I’m an old man with stories and memories that would shock your pants right off. The last thing I want however is for your pants to be off, since I’m a faithful man, faithful to the day I die to my dear wife. That’s my military man’s conviction. And I’d show you where I tattooed her name on me, but that also may shock your pants off. And again, not what I’m into. I gave the boys some lessons with the equipment and told them if they weren’t sure what they wanted to keep it small, and in places easily covered by clothing.

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  1. My first tattoo was a giant Celtic cross on my back along the spine. Loved it! However, I’ve had two more tattoos since, on my arms, and I want more.

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