Taeyang wearing AM Eyewear‘s Kami sunglasses


These days, I really into kpop fashion because their fashion is way different to the usual thing we’re know when in regards on fashion. Today, what Ive got to share was this taeyang’s eyewear. For those people who doesn’t know the guy, Taeyang is belong to the lead kpop group nowadays on the country,Korea, his group as named as “Big Bang”. As you check this guy often or follow him. You’ll may find him dope and swagger, because the pieces and clothes he’s wearing are indeed in high-end and sure thing, most people will get envy about.

On the photo in top, Taeyang is wearing an AM Eyewear‘s Kami sunglasses. The sunglasses has a price of $340.00 from any Am eyerwwears stores. Just check it in any stores nears you and to your trusted sunglasses stores online.

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