UNDERCOVER x coeur K6H01 Hat

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Every time 2 big companies in fashion had made their collaboration. I really see to it too that I can blog them up here, iamronel.com,most especially the piece/s that they made for us all. Because these collaborative pieces are the usual limited edition and has this quirky designs too that we couldn’t imagine to made for just a certain piece/s. Also, collaborative pieces are the one fashion enthusiasts had looked forward already. That’s why when I saw this UNDERCOVER x coeur K6H01 Hat here, which on the photo on top. I’ve divided then to put it up here and tells about it in here for my readers to be informed too that there’s such awesome fedora hats today that they could have and eventually rock themselves out to it.

Actually, the hat is already available at the undercover shop in Hong Kong either online. However the problem is, I dunno yet how much it will cost ya. Ahha so please bear with me then. But you can check it yourself by heading to the undercover main site neither to coeur nearby stores or online for further details. 🙂

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