WTAPS Leopard Sneakers/Shoes. Cotton. Ripstop


The brand WTAPS is out with its Leopard Sneaker. This leopard sneakers comes with a white sole which is a trademark on every sneakers that we’ve seen. I may say that this season is a camo-field season, I’ve been seeing lots of camouflage prints everywhere, from tops, to pants, bags, hats and many others. This leopard print may be different because it is an animal print you can still see its resemblance to camouflage because of its brown and green color combination. On quick look, you can say that this is a camo print, but if you will look at it closer and longer you can see its beautiful leopard print. The overall look of this sneakers is quite impressive and you can line this one with other brands of sneakers like Vans and Converse. I’ve been curious about the title of this one because it ha the word COTTON and RIPSTOP, I think that these words are the materials of this sneakers, because I know the usual material used on sneakers is canvas. I don’t know, really, because it is not detailed on the news. Let’s just wait for more reviews about this sneakers. Because the only thing that I know about RIPSTOP is it’s a fabric made of nylon that usually used on making paragliders.

This shoes may become a hit to the market because we all know that there’s a lot of people loves animal prints, specially leopard print that still in trend, specially on girls, and guys must also try this print.

Also, it might good if you are holding an Rocky Patel cigars while you rockin’ yourself on this kicks.. hahah just my suggestion though, nope, dont take it seriously..haha

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