Another 2 new blog!

Yes, as the New Year’s has began, i think i need to begin another set of blogs as well, but right now i just been decided to run at least 2 more blogs instead , because having at least 5 new blogs at this moment, isn’t that much propitiate on my end though,you know i am too busy on my online activities as Google updated this recently.

Alright, i bought a new domain last day ago, that i intended to make my one online web marketing site, wherein ill be offering my services to those companies that needed some promotional on their businesses and such a thing, its like more than an broker site but in the private form, get it? i hope you do.LOL by the way here’s my link to that site and as for today, the site is in there already but you’ll just see this plane white wordpress CMS default, because as Ive said, i wasn’t have any spare time now, but let see next week, i might write on my things on the new site.

While my other blog was,, Actually this domain,I was stolen it into my friend blogger, of course without knowing her, because she’d never been online since last year and i believed that using her domain is like a honor for her, because i think sooner she’ll be leaving the online world for good, with some main reasons that she had to work out on with.Soon you will find out, but let her be to tell you this matter..LOL I hope she is indeed fine when she found out that this domain was moderating by a man named ronel..LOL

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