Got my Eon Card Already!

If i am not mistaken, Ive been blogged rather published some post that is resemblance on this post right here now? but not sure though,  but anyways, let me write what i wanted to tell you at this moment in regards on my eon card.LOL, Yeah, this recently my eon card was arrived on the bank branch where Ive been applied with, and i think it will takes almost 2 months then before my card was available to me, Yeah, its too long than the usual processing of the application,that i cant help with of,because Ive been applied last december month where people are getting busyness on their own stuff due of holidays season.

Well, at least my card was ok then to be use in any transaction and other good thing was, i may now renew my domains on the godaddy that i was worrying so often when id never had this card yet way back time,so yeah, I’m quite happy though to have this awesome card with me now, i hope i can maximize my activities online through this little card that i have.Alright, i think i am dead air now,nothing to share that is in related on the topic,so better yet to finish this of, and soon or maybe tomorrow,ill be blogging such informative one,stay tune guys.

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