Domains under my Administrator

Yes, i had these list of blogs were under my moderation and please do visit them as well, like you often do with this my main blog..hehe ok ill list out those blogs below..thanks

iamglen- this domain is a father blog of my cousin glen were he forgather quite awhile thats why Ive been decided to continue the blog to go

bloggermom- a blogger mom who run by glen wife’s but suddenly she wont able to update it due it her so i took over to the blog as well

khang11- is all the same by the 2 first domains, blog of my cousin maricar which she stressed with , thats why i took it over to this as well..

romnick21- i bought my friend a domain under his name romnick but then again he discontinue i have to continue the blog

itsmeronel-my new blog who been approved on the other awesome program that ive found which the love this blog

brobrand-my first ever country domain using the .in domain into this, though im not a Indian though but still i want it because the domain was sales when the time i bought it..but the renewal is indeed expensive, my goodness

Staysuperfit- a blog wherein ill tackling my tips on how we can lose weight in natural ways

ok, thats will be all and talk to you next time with some important issues and information..thanks

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