Why Facebook is Means a lot with me?

Yes, i admit that without this top social media nowadays which facebook, my online activities is totally death, why? because on facebook i can get some topics even issues that my friends has been  shared with to their walls, which really a hot topics of the day, sounds awesome right? thats why maybe i gets either a lot of traffics to all of my blogs as much i can also update them out without a dull moment and death air..thanks to facebook..lol and not just that, because as i got my topic posts out of it (facebook)and i  even share the post that Ive been made through out those topics that my friends shared with like what ive been said, then my facebooks buddies really reacts on what Ive been wrote about that and of course ill be receiving a bunch of comments too, wow i think i love facebook now..who doeskin by the way? i know you are even getting crazy on facebook because on what the site can bringing it to your lives, i mean a source of fun and relaxing in away by playing some games and stuff..right?

So you, do you like facebook as much like i do? if so, can you please let me a short story below? why you should love the social media? and how about friendster by the way?lol ok let see your comments and i think, thats it for now and yeah have a nice day to everyone..bye

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