Time to get my Eon card!

Its been almost 1 month now when the time id applied my self to that eon  card under by the union bank here at my place and by this time i am pretty sure that the card is already available for me to pick up then on the bank branch where Ive been applied but too bad for me though because people are too busy as well by preparing their things on these up coming holidays and a lot of days will surely no work becuase as we all know we use to make our own holidays date here..LOL ok i think by first week of January ill get the card then avail the hosting that i was aiming to get through because lately this blog is extremely down for 5 days  in the record and i dont want to experience it again, yeah i got traumatize becuase a lot of opportunities i had been missed out by that time..:(

Ok thats it for now and sorry for the shortness because i was quite lazy to type now but there’s a lot of cool ideas who roaming on my head now but i decided to blog them out soon, so please keep on visiting me here thanks..

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