Sorry for the inconvenience, thats the only words that i can say right now because as you could remembered on my previous post Ive thrown a promises to you all guys that starting this month of December ill be simultaneously put my things everyday on this blog because i have something to aim off, but now  i would say that im totally failed because i cant do my posts these past 5 days due with some down time that Ive got been through, thats why now im having this post today, though i can use the scheduled post setting but yet still i dont want to cheat my self out of i hope by next year January i can made this without having any problem on my way,crosses fingers on that, ok thats it for now and need to take my sleep now because i got some sleepless night lately because of the down time that Ive been passed through..LOL ok thanks a lot and have a great day ahead everyone..

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