Jejemon Song

First at foremost i just wanna  thanks, those people who really searched the keyword “example of jejemon” because my post about jejemon is leading on that keyword on Google search engine that’s why im quite happy on it, because little by little i can optimize the traffic on this blog and please do read also some of my unique and personal post..thanks, by the way  you can see the proof screen shot


Beside being nominated as a word for the year, Jejemon words has invades even on music industry nowadays , i got amazed, because people are so imaginative and creative in away by doing these stuff that people can crazy with,lol and i heard that jejemon people has their own things that they called jejemon things like jejehat, jejeshirt all things that jejemons worn i think, but please bear in mind again that i am not against with those group of people  who uses that words on their daily basis, just to clear thing out..;P because i dont wanna be misunderstood again like on my first Anyways let me share to you the new Jejemon song that i found on youtube, i hope you’ll like it..:)

Yeah ,it shown on Unang Hirit the morning show on GMA 7

One thought on “Jejemon Song

  1. wow i googled it and I clicked your link… oh well, i dont have comment about Jejemon but they’re phenomenal yata dyan hihi

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