Saucony Shadow 5000 Grey

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I am more into a shoes than to the apparel, and I think most guys too. Because shoes can brings dopeness for us guys whenever the total outfit looks like as long the shoe is hip everything will goes right for sure. It’s like girls needs to wear heels to gain confident and it is just same for us men which having a nicely pair of kicks is the one we must have as we wanted ourselves to be as hip as others. That is why when the time I saw this Saucony Shadow 5000 Grey from the one fashion magazine that I’d often lurking, I’m just amazed with it which leads me now on blogging it up here as well.

Actually, I dont have any details yet in hand (since the brand itself hasn’t reached me out for their press released, where the full details contains) I haven’t include any further details yet as for now but I’ve heard that the shoe on top has a market price of  $90 in any brand’s ,Saucony, mortar stores as well in some others online affiliated stores available. Just check google where is the best place for you to have this great Saucony Shadow 5000 Grey. 🙂

Okay, that will be all for now and I hope you’ll keep on checking me here for more fashion news and updates. And will try my best now to maintain the site for me to have not tagged as penalized through Google search. ehehe Yah my bad.. But fortunately I have worked to it now and Google will reconsider my site then most probably it’ll get back my PR for sure these coming days, but I dont know when. hehheehe

Learn more about Jayhawks basketball team

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The home of the Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball team, also known as Allen Fieldhouse, is one of the most historic arenas in the country. For years, opposing basketball teams have feared competing at Allen Fieldhouse due to its extremely raucous crowd. Here are some intriguing facts about Allen Fieldhouse.

Several undefeated seasons at home
Allen Fieldhouse gives the Kansas Jayhawks one of the best home court advantages in college basketball. With the support of their enthusiastic fans, The Jayhawks basketball team has a total of 13 undefeated seasons on their home court.

Located on Naismith Drive
The street that Allen Fieldhouse is located on is named after the legendary James Naismith. As many people know, Naismith is credited with being the inventor of basketball. He was also the first coach in the history of the Kansas Jayhawks basketball program.

Named after Forest C. Allen
Allen Fieldhouse was named in the honor of Forest C. Allen. Coach Allen had the pleasure of coaching the University of Kansas basketball team for 39 years. Upon entering the stadium, visiting teams are greeted with a banner that warns them that “Phog” Allen’s spirit still very much alive.

Impressive win streak
With over 16,000 screaming fans supporting them, the Kansas Jayhawks were able to reel off an amazing home winning streak. From February 26, 1993 until December 8, 1998, the basketball squad won an impressive 62 games in a row at Allen Fieldhouse. For more Jayhawks information, press find now.