Update: The New Lockerz

Lockerz.com Redemption update

Ive been too busy with my blogging activities these passed months ago and i pretty lost in to my mind about my lockerz account that i was trying to update,as much as in everyday, of course to have a great pointz then, but suddenly i totally failed doing it due with some tiring tasks that i have to finish with, so yeah as i opened my account this few minutes ago, my goodness i dont even recognized the site because of those some awesome features added into it and i think lockerz is totally launched now because you can even sign up now without an invites thing,so great to know that lockerz is doing great nowadays and  yeah as i navigate the site i also found out  that the redemption page was converted into a auction page wherein people can bid prices that they want to get using their gathered points to the site, and i think that was great too, oh ,i missed a lot on the site and i hope by this time around i can get something over there that i really aiming to, at the first place..lol

so you as a member on that site, what are the changes that really amazed you and what are the things who can get pissed of on you, as you using the site? just want to know ok!, but please this is a personal survey only and i am not affiliated on lockerz, just want to help other people out to understand what are the things that they may get inside the said site..ok just leave some comments below  and i am lookin into it..thanks

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