I Want D3000 Nikon

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So ok, let me post another frustration on mine once again, that will be added on my wishlist category that Ive been forgotten to update in quite awhile, yeah as you read the title on this post that i was wanting and frustrating even stress is going through, just to have this Nikon brand D3000 because i know a blogger like me must have any one of these awesomely cameras that is called DLSR but nikon is the best one for me thats why i love this one..lol though i am not a photographer or either has a background holding this camera but still i am hungry to have it so, because i know having this camera along my way i mean on my blogging activities this might help me to take me places, as i see it like that, but im just hinting on it..lol

Ok, the best thing that i would do now is to save my online earnings ,then if my money is well enough, ok ill definitely treat my self out by having this Nikon D3000..lol please wish me luck on this and as much i can get this, of course i will do an update to you on this blog and i hope thats happen so soon..ok thats it for now and thanks for reading this nonsense post..lol bye and have a great day ahead

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