How to have a great Alexa Rankings?

I often blogged about Alexa Rankings to this blog because i really want to be updated into my rankings over Alexa because i do believe that having a great alexa rankings is the one that advertisers most seek about in a certain blog,right? thats why i cant help my self doing some experimental just to have a great rankings and one thing that Ive been found out which updating everyday to your blog is one of the best trick to drop down your rankings even without any visitors visited you on your me on this, with some reasons is really works on me liked on what happened to my who been updated everyday and quite sometime ill be posting 3 entries in one day at a time , so yeah indeed my rankings to that site is pretty much well..try to check on it..:)

one thing that ive been noticed,that putting a alexa widget is one big help i must say because you can often check your Alexa without heading to the main ok that’s what i have for today and i hope i can give you such informative one..ok bye

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