My Dream Car..:)

I think all men out there are dreaming to have this Honda Civic because having on it . its like you are the king of the road on my opinion, but i dunno if you feel the same thing just lemme feel in that way please..LOL anyways having a car is quite difficult nowadays because you have to consider things out like the head gasket and also the maintenance for it and i must suggest that if you are in L.A you must have to check the Los Angeles auto repair because as i know that place has great services to this kind of car..why i know? because most of mah friends and relatives are in there and they keep on telling that how convenience they  are you also looking forward to have this kind of car? definitely yeah right? LOL because i felt the same thing and quite sometimes i got envy to those people who have it already but its ok then because this was a great inspiration to me now to work hard for it and have my own soon..:)

11 thoughts on “My Dream Car..:)

  1. naks. lupet ng car..

    ako pangarap ko red car kahit anong brand..

    pero gusto ko ng mercedez yung pang family.

  2. tapos ronel! ngayon ko lang napansin, hindi updated ‘yung link mo sa site ko. hehe
    asa coolpage pa din. sama mo naman ako sa blogroll mo. hehe

    bukas ko na makikita ung “offer” mo! naks! bigatin ka talaga! hehe

  3. wahahaha, teka sis AKO bayun??? LMAO!! ahahaha JOKE lang baka may mag react nanaman jan at makatanggap na naman ako ng BAD WORDS.. ahaha

    misshu sis!

  4. thx for visiting my blog and leave a comment
    great car photo?
    u seem want to own that car

    hey where are u from?

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