Awesome John Galliano Leather Bike Jacket




Biker Jackets are been hip and trend today. No doubt on that! because brand names are keep on releasing some new evolved of designs of this piece and they’re keep on going. There were some patterns lining jackets,studs jackets and also some colored jackets. All were in trend,however,this a matter on how you carry your self through out of this awesome piece, and also be considerate on the patterns of the jackets as long on your body type and all. Because this stuff can avoid your self for being an fashion victim I think so, Ill blog about it next time in order for you to understand further.

Meanwhile, let me share to you this expensive bike jacket that Ive found online which belongs to the John Galliano spring/summer 2010 collection which this “John Galliano JOHN GALLIANOLEATHER BIKER”. The jacket has an different patterns than to the usual biker jackets that I’d knew. And the pocket zipper are indeed awesome and quirky that can maybe the reason why this piece is the most talked about piece on the fashion industry nowadays. By the way, the jacket has an approx. price of ¥367,500 . Yeah – for this simple jacket..haha Too expensive for my end but I think to those celebs and other dude that has golden spoon on their mouth, this price is like an candy to them..hahah

Okay, that’s it for now and let me update you more pieces soon that are trending on today’s fashion.

G-Dragon Wearing the Balmain Crinkled Plaid Shirt $910



Balmain Crinkled Plaid Shirt  $910

We’ve seen often this guy wearing some branded clothes and accessories that can lead him for being an male most fashionista these days on his country Korea. The guy is belong to the number one kpop group nowadays which big bang. The guys wants sone quirky pieces that you would think that a guy can wear, yeah – that his styles.

On the photo on top, g-dragon is wearing an awesome plain shirt from the brand Balmain, and it has a price of $910, yes, too expensive for one plain but of course they can afford it, so, let them wear

Be fab on your Prom Dresses


Days,months,years are did fast running, and now, the year 2011 is about to end and another year will get started then,the year 2012, as new year had started a lot of events,parties,happenings that were all needed to attend with, especially for those teens who’d used to these kind of gatherings. And one of it was this prom day.

On this day,girls are the most busiest attendees I must say, because they have to be look nice and beautiful on the event. Of course they should be, because on this day, they might feel that they were already a lady and getting into next stage for being teens into a matured ones. But before that, they should also wear an awesome dresses to make this possible, and I suggest you to take a look on the TJFormal Jovani prom dresses stores that I’ve found recently. Because they do have this selection of dresses that you could choose from that can assured you to look fab and beautiful on your prom day and sure thing, you’ll be a heart capturing on that day…

Yeah! Dresses can bring you for being fab and famous in any matter. Because dresses had this power to capture those human eyes.

5 Must Try Menswear-Inspired Look This Season


This season fall runways of Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Paul Smith are sopping with menswear-inspired look. Tailored trousers, crewneck loose-knit sweaters, button-down shirts, blazers and blouses is the pick in this falls’ fashion limelight. Giving the bold and tomboyish twist to women wear, when teamed with right beauty products from Olay, it makes the women look sophisticated and classic. This look is sure to flatter all body types, shapes and sizes. Read below to find more about 5 must try menswear-inspired look this season:

  1. Pinstripe trousers: It is a great idea to team-up grey tailored pinstripe trousers with short-sleeves front-button blouse or snug black sweater. Don’t forget to adorn your heeled loafers. Prefer flattering silhouette that are slim through thighs and wide at the cuffs. This versatile menswear makes you look elegant.
  2. Front-zip poncho: Barter the classic cardigan for long sleeve front-zip poncho menswear-inspired sweater. You need not buy it, just sneak it from your boyfriend’s closet. Try muted plaid with front slant pockets for a cozy look.
  3. Herringbone jacket: No menswear-inspired look is complete without a blazer. After a careful study and research a perfect blazer style for women has been laid down. The lean and long silhouette that is nipped-in at waist is perfect for a flattering look. For the multi-purpose fall layer prefer the classic cut. You need to pick the hues very intelligently. Popular seasonal hues to choose from are pale green, orange, blue and charcoal.
  4. Lace-up brogues: Hit the floor with well crafted leather lace-up brogue boots. These boots allow you to take-on the urban jungle bravely and let you walk with ease from office to coffee shop. The brogues are enough to give a masculine touch to whatever you wear. You can pair these brogues with chunky knit tights to floral flocks to slim-fit trousers to ruffle-front blouses.
  5. Classic shirt: If you want to try menswear-inspired look this season then classic button-down shirt is a must pick. Pick the classic shirt with slim stripes in wine-strained red and white, white collar shirt and pleat in the back. For standard office attire team-up classic shirt with pencil skirt or tailored trousers.

These 5 must try menswear-inspired look this season are sure to make you look ravishing and lend a different professional aura.

Christina Lyttle is a fashion expert with five years of experience under her belt. In her free time, she loves teaming different types of costume wigs with various womens costumes designed by her.   

Taeyang wearing AM Eyewear‘s Kami sunglasses


These days, I really into kpop fashion because their fashion is way different to the usual thing we’re know when in regards on fashion. Today, what Ive got to share was this taeyang’s eyewear. For those people who doesn’t know the guy, Taeyang is belong to the lead kpop group nowadays on the country,Korea, his group as named as “Big Bang”. As you check this guy often or follow him. You’ll may find him dope and swagger, because the pieces and clothes he’s wearing are indeed in high-end and sure thing, most people will get envy about.

On the photo in top, Taeyang is wearing an AM Eyewear‘s Kami sunglasses. The sunglasses has a price of $340.00 from any Am eyerwwears stores. Just check it in any stores nears you and to your trusted sunglasses stores online.

Diligently Crafted IWC Replica

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IWC replica is diligently crafted and cloned items like watches, Jewellery and wallets by specialized craftsmen. Most of them are made out of materials like steel, crystals and genuine leather. Top quality replica cannot be easily identified from the real one. All the components in the replica like the weight, feel and appearance must be exact to bring out that genuineness of the which was founded by an American engineer back in 1868 in Switzerland has become a world leader in luxury watch production. Being a well known producer of IWC replica watches have designed watches for pilots since the watches have special protection against magnetic fields.

The always elegant iwc replica is as beautiful as the original and well tailored and encased in fine polished metal and strapped by crocodile leather like iwc da Vinci watches. The main advantage of the replica is that it costs hundred times less as compared to the original ones. Watches are meant to tell time but in replica watches, an accessory complementing the cloth a person is wearing is displayed or exposed.

Most if not all of the designer watches have hefty price tags on them making them inaccessible to an average person hence paving way for the world class original looking IWC replica watches which even the watchmakers themselves can¡¯t tell the difference. Their prices are always customer friendly and range from $70-$130 and they do have the exact markings as the originals plus a cover of 6 month warranty. They also have high quality water resistance technology even under deep water and bear similar quality gems and metals. Another factor that determines the quality of the replica is the density of the material used. Most of the quality genuine replica watches posses¡¯ automatic Swiss movement enabling correct functioning of the chronographs that measures distinct time intervals.

Seungri and his GROUND ZERO “Studs Bag” T-Shirt



To those peeps who doesn’t know the guy. The guy name is Seungri, a Korean singer, belongs to the lead Kpop group nowadays called Big Bang. I blogged him up on this blog because I’d find his tee really cool because of those studs that are looks real, but they aren’t. Because the studs are only prints that can give optical illusion through it the tee.. Cool,right?

The Tee name is “GROUND ZERO “Studs Bag” T-Shirt” that you can buy online around $200, yeah! way expensive for a simple tee but not to those rich kids and celebs, so, if you want it? go ahead and get one..:)

Most Excellent Breitling Replica Watches


With the present economic crisis that is being felt around the world, only a handful of people will be eager to use much on luxury items. There are more great issues to deal with, all of which need money; the price of living is certainly at an all-time elevated. However, people will forever come up with behaviour of copy during such lean times. But several, giving up on what they believe in is similar to acute their spirit. For example, we have people who cannot let go of their intelligence of technique and fashion. This type of people will do whatever it takes if only to keep up their sense of trendiness.

Possibly this is the reason why the status of the Breitling replica watches continues to increase as if in inclusive insolence of what the present times demand  a sense of prudence. Ideally, Breitling is one of the most pricey watch brands under the sun. The real version of this astounding timepiece can price one a small chance.

However, the good information is that a replica Breitling watches nearly as good as a real one. A replica watch is a precise copy of a real timepiece but it comes at a far much fewer prices. While purchasing a replica is a much pleasing alternative, most people cannot tell the dissimilarity between a replica watch and a replicated watch. One way that people can tell the disparity between the two is by checking their cost.

Preferably, no genuine Breitling replica watch will sell at just less dollars but people now have replica Breitling replica watches that sell at less than original watch cost. They should definitely beware of little priced watches since low-priced can sometimes become very expensive. If people want to get the best Breitling replica watches they need to search for the most trustworthy watch dealers in market.

Breitling Replica Watches, Breitling Replica

Unkommon Kolor : Dope and Nope Tee and Fly Top


I used to check some of those awesome fashion blogs there to have these things that are actually “IN”, hot and hip on today’s fashion. That I can also include on this blog. And of course I’ll also put their credit through it. And you may see it on the photo it self on the top photo.

Recently, the Texas based designs and art brand which the Unkommon Kolor had been released their new tee top that you can see on the top photo. The dope and nope tee. I find it cool because the words, dope and nope, are indeed used on the fashion society these days and even me, I use to say that whenever I saw some awesome things and not. And not just that, because the said brand had made some selection of sweatshirt top and tees that are actually dope on my end..You can either see some of them on top..:)

Alright, that’s it and I hope I can have at least one of it soon..By the way, you could check online if you wanted to have these pieces..