Choosing The Right Hairstyle

As a guy, you don’t have that many options when thinking about how to change your style. You could buy a new wardrobe but this is quite an expensive change. The only chance you have to regularly change your look is with your hairstyle. Changing your hairstyle gives you the opportunity to keep up with trends and to always look your best. That’s why I think the hairstyle a guy chooses is quite an important decision. It’s affected by a few different factors. You need to think about your head size and shape as well as how much maintenance you can handle. Your hair might look fantastic with it super short on the sides and long on top. But only if you take the time to style it each morning. If you don’t want to spend that much time on your hair, you need a low maintenance cut. Here are some other issues to consider.

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Thinning Hair

One of the biggest worries for a guy is that their hair is thinning or that they are going bald. It’s common for guys to have to deal with this issue. Balding is one of the most prominent forms of age but there are a few options you you can consider when choosing a hairstyle. If your hair is only thinning slightly you can layer your hair and comb it to one side. This gives your hair added texture and makes it look fuller. Alternately, your hair might be so thin that it’s noticeable. However, it will be less noticeable if it’s shorter. I recommend that you get a close shave and don’t forget, shaving also encourages hair growth. One other possibility might be to consider getting a hair transplant for men. Through a hair transplant in a couple of months, your hair will be thick enough to style again. It’s an expensive procedure but one that is worth considering if you feel self conscious.

Grey Hair

Another issue to think about when choosing your hairstyle is grey hair. If your hair is greying noticeably in your twenties and or early thirties, you may want to consider dying it. But remember, dying your hair weakens it and leads to the chance of increasing hair loss. You’ll have to ask yourself what’s worse. Grey hair or no hair? You shouldn’t worry too much about grey hair as a lot of women find it quite attractive on a man.

Head Shape

If you have quite a large head or your head is an oblong shape, you might want to grow your hair out. That way you can hide the shape and it looks far more attractive. Typically, shaved heads only look good if the head is quite round. For people with long faces, it’s better to have average length hair. You can see this when looking at the celeb head shapes and how they style their hair.

Picking A Celeb Cut

Finally, you may think about taking your hairstyle from the cue of a celeb. Just remember not to copy their hairstyle exactly. Some celebs are able to pull off more extreme looks that would appear quite ridiculous on the typical individual.

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