Don’t speculate: A man’s guide to eyewear

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Good news for men who wear glasses: men’s fashion circles now embrace glasses as an expression of a person’s self and their style, rather than ridiculing them as an accessory to correct sight impairment. With this in mind, just how does the normal guy about town go about choosing eyeglasses?

A man’s choice of eyewear should depend upon his style, as well as his face shape; his glasses should complement his look rather than defining it. Rounder face shapes tend to suit thin, rectangular lenses, while square jaws will be softened with round frames. Those with oval faces may find that thicker frames add depth to their faces, although just about any style can be adapted to suit. Finally, heart-shaped faces suit a butterfly-tapered frame – that is, glasses that are wider at the top than they are at the bottom. Color is also something that must be considered. A man who works in a professional capacity should probably think about metallic, black or grey frames, while those in less formal professions can often play around a little more. The key is individuality because glasses are far more readily accepted in fashion circles these days, and so a gentleman shouldn’t be afraid to be bold.

Eyewear options without limits

One thing a man should consider if he is choosing spectacles is style vs. function. Are his glasses a fashion statement disguised as a solution to poor vision, or should their sole purpose be their functionality? Those that play sport, for example, will need to think about the type of eyeglasses they choose, while others may have a little more freedom to browse. Spectacles that could potentially take a lot of battering must be sturdier than those worn in an office all day, after all. Trendy styles this season include round lens aviators, retro browliners that, funnily enough, brush the brow, and wayfarers – it seems that big and bold is best this season.

While it’s undeniable that eyeglasses can be functional and trendy, as well as to die for in some cases, there are those for whom facial furniture just isn’t working. Perhaps they’re conscious of highlighting their sight impairments, find the idea of glasses simply too bold, they work in a profession that makes glasses impractical, or they’re really into sports and fear spectacles getting broken. Whatever the reason there are options including lenses and laser eye surgery, which will make sight impairment a thing of the past.

Lenses can be a great choice for the fashion conscious man about town, giving him the opportunity to choose glasses as and when it suits him, or to keep his visual impairment completely to himself. Laser surgery, meanwhile, is a much more permanent means of correcting sight problems, and would be particularly suitable for somebody that needs a long-term solution, and freedom from glasses and lenses. While much more costly than both eyeglasses and lenses in the short term, many fashionistas find that surgery saves them a fortune in eyewear costs over the course of a lifetime. The choice, of course, is up to the individual, but it really does pay to consult the experts first. A registered and accredited clinic, such as the Minneapolis LASIK eye surgery will be able to answer any questions a man may have about his eye care, as well as taking excellent care of his needs and health.

Eyewear is a hot topic in the world of fashion: to accessorize, or not to accessorize? Luckily for the man about town there are plenty of options available these days, from the types of frame they can choose, to the solutions available that don’t include eyeglasses. It is, of course, perfectly possible for a man to choose lenses or laser eye surgery, and then for him to wear vanity lenses when he feels like it. There are no limits in men’s fashion.


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