Why google Hates Text Link Ads?

Indeed? Google really hated text link ads with some reason, and i dont even know why Google is liked that, do you know the reason why? if so, kindly share it to my comment box so that we might get educated on whats on the big boss mind,lol Actually id never did any text link ads advertisement serve in any of my blogs but still i want to find out what are the main reasons is, because im quite planning to serve any text link ads who will consider my blog then soon but on the other hand if i proven that Google really hates text link ads ill definitely remove that thing on my list of plan who can give me a great revenue, so please let me to find it so, ok!ok! ill consult the big boss search engine on this  to find out the real score between on this issue, lol

So you do you serve some text link ads advertisement on your blog? and how’s that? do your page rank decrease rapidly nor it just still on what you’ve been have since then? i need to Analise things out before ill go through because i dont wanna take any risk in regard on Google rules or else it might a big mistake on my end..lol ok thats it for now and as i know the answer on this question of mine ill definitely do update on this post..thanks

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