Why Comments is Pretty Important?

I had this question in hand “Why Comments is Pretty Important?” that is roaming on my head a moment ago thats why Ive been decided to share it for and to see how do you think about the topic that ill be tackling now, so now? what do you think is the main reason why certain blog needs a great amount of comments? well as i see it, blog needs comments because when its come on the promotional campaigns,let say you are candidate to be consider on the private advertisers campaign and of course advertiser check your blog reputation first and how your blog works on the search engine before they can go further right? so comments is a must because they can nearly see that your blog is well know by having a comment on it at least each one of your post as much as possible and thats i looked into it, how’s yours? care to share your thoughts about this topics? just feel free to use my comment box so that we can widen our each other knowledge about this topic..ahha

and one thing that i am pretty sure comments can be definitely basis your online influential, much comments that you get,much offers that you can get because of your readers help..i think this was the great factor on this, what do you think?

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