How Does Lockerz Redemption Works?

Yeah, I knew a Lot of those New member(s) on are having a hard time to understand How does lockerz redemption works? so in that case let me help you out to explain what i know about  how does it works..

-First Lockerz is on Beta right now, meaning their not accepting a walk in Customer(s)/member(s) to be sign up directly to their website because they still developing the entire website, but you can sign up, if your friend or any member(s) on the said website, send you  an invitation  to sign up that is the only way for you to get in, and after you get in, you must have to earn points by answering their dailies question and login ptz so that by the end of the month they’ll allow you to redeem  in any item(s) who suit to your points that is included on their catalog ..did you get it?? if not, try to browse the site and you can see what im trying to say..

-Most of you are also asking on how many redemption(s) that lockerz do per month? Actually their no assurances how many they are, but one thing is for sure that lockerz can give one redemption to all members per month that is always occurs  by the end of the month, but please bear in mind that they don’t announce further information when it does redemption gonna happen,i am referring with Time and Date, so if you are  insistently to redeem your points, you must be stay up all night so that you wouldn’t  miss the

-I hope, I can answer most of your questions about lockerz redemption and thanks by the way, by searching this topic on this blog , i just tracked it and find it informative to others that’s why i got to blog this into here..:)

6 thoughts on “How Does Lockerz Redemption Works?

    1. yeah by june redemption but we never know on july redempt. if they still stick on the .79 cent purchased on shop..because lockerz is really unpredictable..grrr 🙂 but no worries ill update you always on my lockerz category.wink2 😉

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