Nothing to share,lol

LOL , I hates this moment wherein i have to post something to update my Archives but i don’t have any thing to share with(I don’t have any choice either), but due with some reason(s) i really cant tell you right now what is the main reason why i have too, but you might know  it if your are working to payu2blog ,i believed , grrr id still no idea’s that are roaming on my head right now i think this may call Writer’s blocked? yeah i am lack of idea’s to share,  but please let post some of my feelings like what ill be doing on my other blog the ,yeah  do fairness to this blog I never run out to write  here because i cant write whatever feelings,idea’s,things that i want too and mostly all of my (EMO mode) are all written here , so you might see it so that you can know who i really am,lol by the way i got a new blog that i tilted brobrand but its not a, its dot.In, because that’s the only domain who has discount on my domain registrar , just check it out and you will know what are the topics that you expected to see out there,so that’s it for now and sorry if you got yawn on this post..ahha

3 thoughts on “Nothing to share,lol

  1. aba! bagong look ka pala dito ah. refreshing! 🙂 andami ko na ulit tanong sayo. natambak. di kasi ako mahilig mag y!m eh. hahaha

    nangyayari talaga yan! sadyang ganyan. hehe

    ikaw na maraming domain. mag-donate ka naman sakin :))

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