Preparing on the New Year’s eve

New Year’s is a indeed big deal on our family instead of christmas because we had a different religious belief that is why we use to celebrate new year’s eve than the Christmas, yeah now as this early we use to prepare all thing that we can fun off later night because my sister and parents they do spent some awesome giveaways to our relatives who is here to celebrate the new year’s together us and i think this was the great new year that we can have all so far because we organize a party and raffles draw..LOL i hope the deserve family will get the biggest price then and by other time ill be posting some of this event photos in order for you to get relay on what im telling you here..LOL cant really wait to get at night so that we can get started giving out some  those awesome gifts to relatives and i hopefully  they’ll enjoy their selves too and feel at home guys  and dont  get shy doing your things there..LOL

Ok i need to go now ill update you soon and thanks a lot, had a Prosperous new years to everyone..thanks

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