How to backup your images on your Wp Blog!

I was on the search engine this a minute ago to find that out on how can i back up my images through this blog because as ive said to you way back time that i was moving on to the new server who can give me this assurances that my blogs wont gets any downtime a long my way because this hosting is freaking me out too badly, anyways i found out that we can still get our images back up to out old blogs under your cpanel x, hows to do that? are you familiar in the ftp client software? if not please do get yours first and ill highly suggested the filezilla and firezilla because they had a great feature i think so, ok as you get any of these ftp client all you have to do net is to login and head over on your file manager on the designated domain that you are about to transfer with and as you can see your domain folder, just find your wp-content on it then down it using the ftp client on your computer by this way i am pretty sure that you can have all of your stuff on your own blogs going to your new server..gets it? i hope you do so that i wont re-blog then again on the future..haha ok if you had any other questions on how to do it , just give me any comment below and as i read it ill definitely answer it the way i understand your question then..thanks

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